Can’t Vaping Without a Vape Atomizer!

By January 9, 2018 News

This thread Wellon want to discuss Vape Atomizer.
Yes, it’s a very important component of Vape gear, you can’t vaping without vape atomizer.
So, Olivia has summary three parts about this topic.
1, All Vape Gear need an atomizer,
2, Determine Your Vaping Flavour and Clouds,
3, Vape Atomizer easy refill.
Can't Vaping Without Wellon Transformer Atomizer!

Why All Vape Gear Need an Atomizer?

Typically the Vape Gear has two kind types, the two-piece and the three-piece electronic cigarette.
Either way, you cannot have an electronic cigarette without an atomizer.

Two-Piece Vape Gear Atomizer
On the two-piece e-cigs however it is rare that you would ever need to bother yourself with it.
The two-piece or cig-alike electronic cigarette is probably the easiest way to experience the pleasure of vaping next to the disposables.
Once you have tried vaping and know you’ll like it, the starter kit is the way to go.
Not only is it less expensive, but for those of us who are becoming a little greener environmentally, the battery is rechargeable so it is much less wasteful as well.

Three-Piece Vape Gear Atomizer
It is the three-piece e-cig where the atomizer is something you need to pay attention to.
The three-piece e-cig uses the atomizer as a stand-alone piece to the entire puzzle.

Vape Atomizers are Determine Your Vaping Flavour and Clouds

Atomizers and cartomizers screw onto your power supply to deliver vapor and need steady refreshment to keep your gear in top shape.
The devil is in the details, but the basics are the same – atomizers heat your vape juice to the temperature required for vaporization.
Atomizers are what carry the flavor in your e-liquids.
They also determine the size and quality of clouds.

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The key is to match Your replacement Vape coils with your tank.

Easiest Refill a Vape Atomizer Once the Flavor Wanes

The number of drags one is able to take with atomizers is significantly less than what cartomizers and clearomizers provide
Among the three, atomizers are the shortest.

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An atomizer is filled by dripping e-juice directly onto the coil.
However, because of constant dripping, atomizer users will have to carry a bottle of e-juice around with them at all times.
So, Vape Atomizer is the easiest use for beginners, you will know when to refill an atomizer once the flavor wanes.

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