Do You Know Higher-VG Juices Can Slow Down your Vape Leaking

By November 7, 2017 November 24th, 2017 News

This post we want to discuss VG juices can slow down the Vape leaking.

Why Higher-VG Juices Slow Down your Vape Leaking?

This is a bit of a simplistic solution, but thinner, PG-based juices will generally leak more than VG-based ones.
So switching to VG juices will often at least slow down the leaking.
VG juices can slow down the Vape leaking

Two ways Avoid your Vape Tank Leak

You can add in extra wicking material or boost your power setting to prevent your coil head from flooding and leaking.
But switching to VG-based juices has pretty much the same effect because the liquid can’t be drawn into the coil head as quickly.
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If you combine approaches, you might have problems with dry hits, but choosing any one of the approaches should minimize flooding and leaking without taking things too far.

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