Do you know history of mechanical mod?

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We have introduced Mechanical Mods are very Popular in Advanced Vape Hobbyist Group, if you have interest please go back to read.
This post we are going to discuss a more detail section of vape101, the history of mechanical mod related flashlight.

Do you know history of mechanical mod?

What is Mechanical Mods?

Mechanical Mods generally don’t have any circuit boards or wiring.
Because of the power they produce, it’s recommended to use Mechanical Mods with Rebuildable Atomizers & Its very important to understand battery safety, Ohms law and how e-cigarettes work.(Related Post: Have Any Risk to Purchase a Cheap Mechanical Mod?)

Flashlights V.S. Mechanical Mods

Unsatisfied with the short battery life, vaping tinkerers looked at other sources.
One of these sources was flashlights.
Many high-powered flashlights use 18650 batteries.
Pioneers converted such flashlights to use for vaping.
Some believe that the term “mod” is used because some of the earliest enthusiast vaping devices were modified flashlights.

Do you how inventors transform Flashlights to mechanical mods?

Inventors didn’t have to do too much work to transform an 18650 flashlight into an 18650 vaping device.
Many of the components were already there.
A basic flashlight has negative and positive terminals to complete a circuit, while the tube houses the battery.

The ingenuity involved replacing the bulb portion of a flashlight and replacing it with an atomizer housing.

While the earliest modded flashlights look primitive by today’s standards, the work that went into them was groundbreaking and would help create a new business.

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