Do You Know Legal E-Cigarette Age and Tax in Hawaii?

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Do you know the latest Vaping legal in Hawaii?
Or how to make sure legal vaping when you travel to Hawaii?
This post we discuss Legal E-Cigarette Age and tax in Hawaii
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Do You Know Legal E-Cigarette Age and Tax in Hawaii?

Do You Know Cigarette Age of 21 in Hawaii?

Hawaii is one of just five states that require you to be 21 in order to purchase tobacco products. It’s been over a year since the state raised the minimum age.

Experts explain Why Ban Cigarette Age of 21

“This is really important because we know 95 percent of lifetime smokers start before age 21 and by removing tobacco from peer groups in high schools, we’re ensuring that young people have a lesser likelihood of knowing someone over the age of 21, and will be less likely to pick up the deadly habit to begin with,” Christopher Friend, government relations director with the American Cancer Society, told KTVL.
Source: Sacbee
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Should E-cigarette Imposes Hefty Taxe?

Currently, there’s no Hawaii consumer-related tax tied to electronic smoking devices, known as e-cigarettes.
But there ought to be.
State lawmakers prepping for next year’s legislative session should draft a bill that imposes hefty taxes as a means to discourage escalating use among youth in the islands.

An estimated 45 percent of high school students and 26 percent of middle schoolers across the state said they have used e-cigarettes, according to the state Health Department…
Both tobacco-filled cigarettes and e-cigs serve as a nicotine delivery system.
For the sake of our keiki and general public health, Hawaii should not allow e-cigarettes to continue to fly below the state’s tax radar.
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