Do You Really know Vape 18650 Battery?

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Do you know Vape 18650 Battery?

Wellon e-cigarette experts have introduced Vape battery issue.
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Vape 18650 Battery sizes commonly used in a vaporizer.
On average, the bigger the battery, the bigger the capacity.

Do You Really know Vape 18650 Battery?

What’s the meaning of Vape 18650 Battery sizes number?

The first two digits indicate the diameter in mm, the next two the height in mm (approximately), the last indicates that the battery is cylindrical.

How to choose Vape battery?

Wellon e-cigarette experts have answered many questions about how to choose Vape battery.
So, this post we will summary top four factors related to good Vape battery.

Other things like best RDA are part of choosing a vape battery, but in my opinion, aren’t as important.
You should be able to use a battery for at least a year before replacing it.
A couple of dollars for a better battery is almost nothing when compared to having a better, safer vape for a year or longer.

There are four qualities that are important to consider when picking the top batteries for vapers:

  1. High capacity
  2. High current rating
  3. High voltage when vaping (“hard-hitting”)
  4. Low operating temperature.

If you have any questions about Vape 18650 Battery or vape101, please do not hesitate to ask Wellon e-cigarette experts.

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