Easy Guideline on How to Perform Vape Pouring Mist Trick

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This Post focuses on Easy Guideline on How to Perform Vape Pouring Mist Trick.
Easy Guideline on How to Perform Vape Pouring Mist Trick

What’s Vape Pouring Mist Trick?

This is a great trick to impress people when you’re hanging out somewhere in the club or at the party.
You can create a mist staying on top of your drink and making it look like some kind of potion.

How To Do Vape Pouring Mist Trick?

Take a glass of any cold drink, preferably with a wide diameter (like the one for whiskey or martini).
Enjoy your cocktail, and when the glass is half-full, it’s time to make a wow-effect.
Take a nice rip from your vape device.
After this, touch the glass rim with your lips like when drinking and slowly exhale the vapor.
It will magically stay on top of the liquid.

The cold glass supposedly cools the smoke and makes it settle under the warm(er) air, which allows it to take on liquid-ish properties.

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