How Does Advanced Vapors Choose a Best RDA?

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We have discussed what is RDA separate post.
If you have interest this 101vape topic, please follow this link: Vape Glossary: What is RDA?
This post Olivia wants to discuss how to choose a best Vape RDA.
How Does Advanced Vapors Choose a Best RDA?

Top Three factors of how to choose a best vape RDA

Now mechanical mods have flooded the industry, there’s so much choice in terms of the product that it can be overwhelming.

When looking to buy an RDA, I always find it useful to compare three specific things: how adjustable the airflow is, the dual coil capability and, of course, reviews.
Go deep read, wellon vape experts will show more detail above Top Three factors of how to choose a best vape RDA.

The Airflow Adjustable ability of Vape RDA

Adjustable airflow simply means the ability you have to choose how much air travels through the RDA, pulling through the coils and then into your lungs.

The higher the airflow, the more vapour produced and vice versa. It’s important to note that if you’re going to be vaping at a lower resistance, you’ll need a greater airflow, so it’s optimal to get hold of an RDA where you can mess around with the airflow. ( We also mention Airflow in Post: Top 4 Reasons Why you Should Choose Wellon Transformer Mod)

The Dual Coil Capability of Vape RDA

If your RDA has dual coil capability, it does what it says on the tin, meaning it has the capability to run two coils at once.

Running two coils parallel to each other cuts the resistance in half, producing more vapour with less effort. Even if you prefer riding solo and never run two coils together, it’ll still run a single coil just fine, with the opportunity to expand a little in the future. (Related Post: Wellon Transformer Box Mod with Awesome Coil )

Watch More Vape RDA Video Reviews

Finally, and probably obvious, take into consideration the reviews of your peers.
Many youtubers and bloggers offer in-depth reviews of vapors and all their components.
Here is the link collect all wellon Transformer reviews: wellon e-cig video guiding.

Most advanced vapors follow above three factors to choose a best vape RDA.
If you have any question related to 101vape or best Vape RDA, please do not hesitate to ask wellon Vape experts.

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