How To Blow Double Vape Rings?

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Simple Introduce Blow Double Vape Rings

This post we are going to discuss how to How To Blow Double Vape Rings.
Vape on, read on!
Simply place a finger over your mouth, pressing and pulling down slightly on the top lip to split the opening of your mouth into two sections.

How To Blow Double Vape Rings?

How To Blow Double Vape Rings? (Image source: The Daily Vaper )

Prepare Blow Double Vape Rings: Master Smoke Rings

Wellon has introduced how to Master Smoke Rings.

If you have read this article, you may have practiced Vape Blowing Os Trick.
Now that you’ve had a chance to master smoke rings, it’s time to challenge yourself a little bit. A double smoke ring is pretty self-explanatory, but it is the art of blowing two smoke rings at once.

Blow Double Vape Rings Guideline

Begin the same way you begin blowing a single smoke ring.
Inhale, drop your jaw, form your lips, but this time before you blow a smoke ring, place your pointer finger on the middle of your lips as to draw a line from your chin to your nose with your finger pointing towards your nose.
If your finger is centered properly, you will allow more smoke out of one side of your mouth than the other and the trick won’t work.

Practice Makes Perfect Double Vape Rings

To get a good form double smoke ring, you have to let out a fairly quick puff.
If you let out too much smoke, you cloud out your smoke rings and you won’t be able to tell if you did it right or not.
As we know, practice makes perfect and the more you do it the more second nature it will become.

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