How to choose right nicotine e-liquid for your vape?

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Why you should consider nicotine for you Vape e-liquid?

This is the third post of our how to choose right Vape series articles.
Wellon Vape experts told Olivia that there were many different nocotine e-liquids.
But how to choose right nicotine e-liquid for your Vape.
And which one is the best option for you.
Go deep to read, wellon Vape experts will give some good advice about right nicotine e-liquid for your Vape.
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How to choose right nicotine e-liquid for your vape?

Take care about your nicotine e-liquid

Sub ohm vaping, using dripping atomizers or pretty much any other higher-quality vaping experience gets you more vapor and a stronger hit.

Combined with a lot of nicotine and high quantities of PG, this would make vaping really unpleasant.

That’s why vapers have moved towards VG e-juices and lower nicotine.

But with less nicotine, you need more e-liquid to feel satisfied.

And although higher-quality devices produce more vapor per puff, most vapers probably still consume more puffs after decreasing their nicotine level.

Every puff you take, you’re putting something into your lungs that ultimately isn’t supposed to be there.

The secret of Vape nicotine e-juice

As vaping technology has progressed, the trend has been towards consuming less nicotine per ml.

However, most vapers are now also getting through more e-liquid per day.
We have mention e-juice in article How to Split Different Types of Vape Pens.

The process of inhaling vapor leads to some short-term changes in the lungs (for example, an increase in airway resistance).

While these won’t necessarily translate to long-term problems, it’s more likely if you put your lungs through it more often.

The upshot is that the best advice is to minimize the number of puffs you have per day.

For you to do this and still get the nicotine you need, it might mean increasing your nicotine level.

This increases the throat hit you’ll get, so you may have to experiment a little to find the highest nicotine level you can tolerate – personally I can tolerate 12 mg/ml but no higher.

Using high-VG e-liquid can help reduce your throat hit to balance it out, as can keeping your power setting a little bit lower.

Good suggestion of nicotine juices

So, in one word, wellon Vape experts think Use Higher-Nicotine Juices and Vape Less Often is a good suggestion for most Vape users.
If you have any other questions about nicotine juices, please do not hesitate to ask wellon Vape experts.

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