How to DIY Your Own Vaporizer RDA Coils?

By September 26, 2017 October 31st, 2017 News

This post we want to discuss how to DIY your own RDA coils.
As we know, DIY operation suit for advanced vapors.
If you just a green hand vapor, Wellon E-cigarette experts suggest you read this DIY RDA coils guide twice time, or do it follow advanced vapor’s help. (Related Post: Vape Glossary: What is RDA?)
How to DIY Your Own RDA Coils?

How to Calculate your RDA coils?

Steam Engine Introduce
Free calculators for your vaping endeavors: Build coils, check battery drain, mix e-juice, and more.
Steam Engine | free vaping calculators.
Official website:

I find that the Steam Engine Vape Calculator is an invaluable tool, especially if you don’t own an Ohm-meter.
The accuracy of this site is fantastic, and in my experience is accurate to plus or minus 0.1 ohms.
More often than not, after I install my coil builds they read out exactly what steam engine calculated.
The actual wrapping of coils is important from the beginning of coil building.

Careful Wrapping your RDA coils

I prefer using screwdrivers that have a lip on the handle for coil wrapping.
This allows you to use your thumb to maintain pressure while you wrap.
If your wire isn’t straightened, you are going to build a sloppy vape coil.
I started straightening my wire as best as I could by hand with mixed results.
I eventually broke down and purchased a Ryobi drill, and get perfectly straightened wire every time.
Whatever you decide to use to wrap your coil around, make sure you are keeping constant tension on the wire.
I have been unable to snap Kanthal or nickel wire by hand thus far.
The end result of wrapping with even tension is a gorgeous coil that doesn’t require much adjusting.
Do your best RDA when wrapping them to keep them as uniform as possible.

Two difference way Wrapping your RDA coils

I have seen a couple of methods for this.
First is the more traditional wrapping the wire around your screwdriver or drill bit with your off hand.
The second would be rotating your screwdriver or drill bit, while maintaining tension with your other hand. Whatever your personal preference, the end game is always uniform wraps. (Related post: Vapour Pen 101 for Beginners Guide)

If you have any questions about DIY RDA coil or vape101, please do not hesitate to ask Wellon e-cigarette experts.
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