How to Oxidize the Vape Wire before vaping?

By November 20, 2017 News

Today we want to discuss Oxidize the Vape Wire.
First of all, we will talk about why should we Oxidize the Vape Wire.
Then, we will guide you Oxidize the Vape Wire.
Read on, and Vape on!

How to Oxidize the Vape Wire before vaping?

Why should Oxidize the Vape Wire before vaping?

what’s the difference between an un-oxidized and an oxidized vape wire, is there a major difference?

The main problem with not oxidizing it and using it straight away is it tastes disgusting and metallic for a few hits.

Burn the wire to clean and or soften be careful can get brittle.The wick is done to stop hotspots with SS also good for removing impurities with SS,SILICA,ECO.

A quick burn of the wire helps to anneal it and make it more workable when making your coil.
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Cut your vape wire Carefully

First you will want to cut a piece of your kanthal resistance wire.
Although 3 inches is likely enough it is often easier for beginners to have a little extra to hold onto so I recommend cutting a 4-5 inch piece of wire.

Step by Step Guide you Oxidize the Vape Wire

You will then want to hold the end of your wire with your tweezers, pliers, forceps, etc.
Light your torch and carefully heat the kanthal wire at one end until it glows orange then slowly move the torch down the entire piece of wire.

Give your wire a moment to cool then grab the other end of the wire and repeat.

Oxidizing the wire will make it less “springy” and easier to work with.

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