How to Prevent Wicking Material Resulting Tank Leaks?

By November 2, 2017 November 8th, 2017 News

Do you know Wicking Material?

To be honest, most of the green hand vapors don’t have much knowledge about Vape Tanks Wicking Material.
So, I want to discuss this vape101 topic, Wicking Material.
How to Prevent Wicking Material Resulting Tank Leaks?

The Wicking cotton became the new hotness and fundamentally changed the way coils were built and atomizers were designed.
The typically Wicking Material like Stainless Steel Mesh, Ekowool, Japanese Organic Cotton Pads, Cellucotton Rayon Fibers, Silica Wick, Organic Cotton Balls and so on.

Consider Extra Wicking Material Resulting your Vape Tank Leaks

If you’re using re-buildable Atomizer, wicking could be a reason for atomizer being leaked.
Then it is nearly always down to the way that it has been wicked.

Why should you choose right Extra Wicking Material?

You need just enough cotton to fill up space around the coils, but not too much so that the air can get through.
There should be just enough cotton to fit through the coil itself, without bunching up on either side when its pulled.
If it is too tight, then the liquid won’t be able to get to the coil.
Please note, this only applies to people building their own coils, we do not advise modifying stock coils.

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