How to Safe Use and Storage Your Vape 18650 Batteries?

By January 3, 2018 News

Why We discuss Vape Kit Battery Safety Issue?

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Today, Wellon want to discuss Removable Vape Kit Battery Safety.
As we know, removable Vape kit batteries are the biggest patient safety issue.
How to Safe Use and Storage Your Vape 18650 Batteries?
The safety issues associated with use and storage of Vape 18650 batteries.
A number of mods require removable batteries that are generally 18650 batteries.
There are a number of safety issues associated with the use and storage of removable batteries that include but are not limited to the following.

Vape Batteries Insulation Wrap Safety Issue

Always check the condition of your batteries before use and look for any signs of damage i.e. dents, rips or tears in the insulation wrap.
If any damage is discovered withdraw the battery from use immediately and dispose of safely. Damage to the wrap has the potential to cause a short circuit and can be extremely dangerous.

Ensure Multiple Vape Batteries are Identical

Advanced Vapers always Use the correct E-cig batteries
It is important to research and understand what type of batteries are recommended for your specific mod.
If your mod requires multiple batteries ensure that the batteries used are identical.
Batteries used in a multiple battery Vape Kit should be paired together, used together, charged together and discharged together.

Choose Trusted Vape Batteries Brands

Only ever use high-quality products purchased from a reliable and reputable source and manufactured by trusted brands.
Be extremely careful when purchasing cheap batteries, particularly online as many fake/re-wrapped batteries are often available that do not actually contain the battery chemistry as advertised.
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How to Correctly Carry Vape Batteries?

Never carry or transport loose batteries as accidental contact with another conductor can cause a short and has the potential to vent or explode.
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We recommend the use of safe insulated battery cases when transporting your batteries at any time.

How to Correctly Stored Vape Batteries?

Always ensure your batteries are stored safely when not in use.
It is important that they are stored in a cool dry environment away from any conductors that have the potential to come in to contact with the battery.
Last but not least, never under any circumstances immerse your batteries in water or allow them to come into contact with any liquids.