How to Vaping Air Bending Trick?

By November 22, 2017 January 10th, 2018 News

We have introduced some vape tricks, this post will discuss an advanced vape trick, named Vaping Air Bending Trick.
Read on, and vape on.
How to Vaping Air Bending Trick?

What is Air Bending Vape Trick?

Vaping Air Bending Trick is one of the first variations of blowing O’s.
This trick is what separates the beginners from the seasoned pros.
Air Bending vape Trick is to manipulate a smoke ring or a trick anyway you want using your hands or body.

Easy Guideline to perform your own Vaping Air Bending Trick

First of all, you have to learn some basic vape tricks, like Create a thick Vape O.

Cup your hand next to your mouth as you blow a smoke ring. Follow the ring with your hand, gently directing it wherever you want it to go.
As it lingers in front of you, gently move your hand behind it and using the air your hand is pushing coax the “o” down, then push it forward.
With practice you can basically control your O’s to do whatever you want.
Here is playlist of Air bending vape Tricks:

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