Is TCR Mode Make Your Vaping More Complicated?

By December 27, 2017 News

Wellon Vape experts have introduced Vaping 101: Learning the Basics of TCR Mode.
In our group discussions, most of Vape newbie does not want to try Vape TCR Mode.
Read this article about Is TCR Mode Make Your Vaping More Complicated, you will find the way become an advanced vapor.
Is TCR Mode Make Your Vaping More Complicated?

Why Advanced Vapers Prefer TCR Mode?

Understanding Temperature Coefficient of Resistance
A temperature coefficient describes the relative change of a physical property that is associated with a given change in temperature.

A simple explanation of Temperature Coefficient of Resistance is that, as noted, different materials can handle different heats at different electrical resistance.
Most of the vaping world already has a vague sense of ohms and temperature control.
TCR mode blends the two concepts into safety guidelines to keep people from damaging their equipment.
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Where Do Advanced Vapers Find TCR Values?

There are already a number of resources you can use to find the TCR values of different materials, as well as taking advantage of other vapers who have taken the time to find everything you need.
Forums are full of vapers who have fine-tuned their devices, so some digging through message boards may be required, but has created a tool called the WIRE WIZ to help us on our temperature control journey and while it is a major learning curve you will figure it out.
As long as you know the composition and size of the coil you are going to use, it comes in very handy, although they are yet to put in the settings for a notch coil.
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Fortunately, Vape manufacturers did most of the real work in advance when they built your mods and pre-packaged coils.
If you’re the DIY type, you probably at least know vague guides on how hot certain coils can get.
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