Is There Best Vape Tank Suitable Your Taste?

By December 4, 2017 News

As we know, vape tanks are where the vapor is made.
That’s the reason why Olivia want to discuss the relationship between vape tanks and vape taste.
Yes, Vape liquid is the biggest factor effect vape taste.
But most of the time, best vape tank can make your vaping taste better.
Vape on and find the answer.

Wellon Transformer Tank: Best Vape Tank Suitable Your Taste

First of all, let discuss two common sense about Vape Tank.
The Function of Vape Tank
All e-cigarettes have some sort of tank to store the liquid and feed it to the Vape wick.
Quality e-cigs, advanced mods, and good vape batteries are all very important.
But don’t forget, vape tanks are where the vapor is made!

The Vape Tank Limited by EU Law
Until 2017 these came in a wide range of capacities, but thanks to a controversial EU law they’re now limited to 2ml.
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How to Design a Good Vape Tank?

E-liquid tanks are actually quite complicated.
The big problem for the designer is to make a tank that will let air in, without letting liquid leak out.
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The simplest way is to have the coil above the tank with the wicks hanging down into the liquid.
This is often seen in small “clearomiser” tanks used on pen-style devices, but some larger ones use it too.
Other tanks have the coil at the bottom of the tank, surrounded by a chimney leading to the mouthpiece.
The wick leads out through small holes in the chimney, and the air holes are in the base of the tank.
As long as there’s enough liquid in the tank to cover the wick holes, a partial vacuum inside prevents any escaping through the airholes.

How to Choosing the right Vape tank?

What makes for great vaping?
Some tanks are all about the flavor and some are all about the biggest clouds.
Choosing the right tank for vaping is an essential step toward the best possible, and most enjoyable, vaping experience.

There are vape tanks that are specialists, designed to excel in one specific style of vaping. Other tanks are more versatile, designed to accommodate a range of styles. Whatever vape experience is in your wheelhouse, you can bet there is a vape tank that fits the bill.

So, if you have questions about Choosing Vape tank or vape101, please do not hesitate to ask Wellon Vape experts.

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