Leaky Risk with Over-tight Vape Tank

By October 26, 2017 November 8th, 2017 News

How to Avoid Over Tight Vape Tank?

We have introduced How to Fill up Your Vape Tank Correctly.
Today Olivia want to share another basic Vape issue: Leaky Risk with Over-tight Vape Tank.
Vape on! Read on!

There’s one problem with this is when you over-tighten Vape Tank.

Vape O-rings are tiny rubber rings.
You’ll find them near the threading and where two parts of your tank meet.
They are key to making a perfect seal – and reducing the chance of leaks.
However, over-tightening can damage these little helpers.
And a little split or break gives e-liquid an “escape route” – meaning you end up with juice leaking out into your pocket.
Of course, the line between tight enough and too tight is a little hard to define.
The basic lesson is to screw everything in place firmly, but remember that you shouldn’t need to put much strength into it.
There’s no need to Hulk out; screw it in so it fits snugly – but not as tight as you possibly can.

Are there any better ways to go around unscrewing Vape Tank?

Get a small pin that will fit in the airflow hole, and use that as leverage to turn. The smaller the air hole the better

If you must use pliers wrap some fabric around the Vape tank first! When I first started vaping I did the same thing and made the mistake of taking the pliers directly to the Vape tank.

So, don’t Over-tight Vape Tank

Screwing up the tank properly is the first thing that keeps leaking away.
But, that doesn’t mean you overtight the tank.
Over-tightening can damage the rubber ring where both the parts of tank meet.
It’s worth noticing that a little split can result in juice leaking out into your pocket.

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