Maryland Raised Vaping Age to 21

By April 22, 2019 News

Maryland_vaping age

Starting Oct. 1 , 2019 vaping will all be considered “tobacco products” in Maryland, and you will have to be at least 21 to buy vaping products, such as JUUL, nicotine eliquid.

House bill 1169 and its corresponding Senate bill 895 will raise the smoking & vaping age in Maryland to 21 as well as reclassify all vape products and accessories as tobacco products regardless of their nicotine concentration. The measure is on Gov. Larry Hogan’s desk, awaiting his signature.

Vendors will still be able to sell tobacco products to active duty service members who are at least 18 with military IDs.

Other states who also raised vaping age to 21: California, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Oregon, Hawaii, Maine, Illinois and Washington, D.C.