Place a Trial order from your e-cigarette wholesale supplier

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How to confirm your e-cigarette wholesale supplier address?

Verify e-cigarette wholesale supplier address is very typically topic for green hands.

Place a Trial order from your e-cigarette wholesale supplier
Place a small retail order and confirm from where the order will be shipped.
Get a taste of how the ordering process will work with a new e-cigarette wholesale supplier.
And if they are who they say they are and are going to do what they say they do.
That’s the reason why Wellon e-cigarette experts suggest Place a E-Cigarettes Wholesale Trial Order and confirm the shipping address.

Some ignore points of e-cigarette wholesale supplier address

Is it the same address they list on their website or one of the government agency websites you checked?
Is the company drop shipping from another company’s OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) distribution center?
If the company you are ordering from says they ship from their facility in Michigan when, in fact, your order is being drop-shipped from somewhere in Mexico, that’s a big, fat red flag.

Confirm the shipping time from your e-cigarette wholesale supplier

If you confirm that they are shipping from where they said they’d ship from, consider a few more things.
Ask some questions during your Trial order from your e-cigarette wholesale supplier.

  1. How long did it take to ship?
  2. How transparent is their shipping process?
  3. Did they provide you with a tracking number, and if so, how long did it take to do so?
  4. And most of all – did your order arrive when they said it would?

If it’s two days late for a small retail order, it’s hard to tell how late a large bulk order will arrive.

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