Wellon LUX Pod is a perfect interpretation of the minimalist design, simplicity, originality and ingenuity craftsmanship. Offering up a great flavor, a perfect simulation of real smoke. Wellon LUX Pod is the ideal on the go device, the fantastic experience is much more than that.
Wellon Lux Pod system refillable pod craft with ceramic coils last longer with delivering huge delectable clean vapor and nice flavorful hit.
Magnetic Connection Between the Wellon LUX Pod Tube and Wellon LUX Pod System Base
The specification of Wellon LUX Pod system introduce, and go to Wellontech.com learn more Wellon Lux Pod material and detail technology specification.
Wellon LUX Pod System Diagram instroduce, and go to Wellontech.com learn more the detail construction of Wellon LUX Pod system.
Wellon LUX Pod system LED Indicator stylish your vaping life. Three Super Cool styles LED battery light indicating the battery level.
Wellon LUX Pod system Light and Portable, stealth and discreet, perfectly fit in the pocket, the simplicity, large battery capacity of 450mAh, can hold up for one day, always ready to use on the go.
How to fill your Wellon LUX Pod System? When first using your Wellon LUX Pod cartridge, please wait for 1-2 minutes after injecting oil.
Wellon LUX Pod system designed with fast USB Charging, rechargeable 450mAh huge battery capacity, charged via micro USB port.
Safe Protection, Safer to Use, Wellon LUX Pod System designed with multiple automatic protections.
Wellon LUX Pod is a on and go pod vape gear, easily to check the oil level by the window, ready to use in seconds.
Wellon LUX Pod is a refillable pod vape gear, four colors for your stylish life, including black, silver, champagne gold, and rose gold Wellon LUX Pod versions.
The LUX Package Content of Wellon LUX Pod, including 1 * Micro USB Charger, 1 * Instruction Manual, 1 * LUX Battery, 2 * Replaceable Pods ( one Wellon LUX Pod pre-installed.)

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Wellon LUX is a refillable, draw-activated on and go pod vape system. Magnetic Connection between the tube and the base. Click below and fill out the form, free to get Wellon LUX Pod sytem Review / wholesale Support!

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