Propylene Glycol ( PG ) Vape E-juice Explore 2018

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This post we want to discuss PG e-juice.
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Propylene Glycol ( PG ) Vape E-juice Explore

What is PG?

The term PG is an abbreviation for Propylene Glycol.
Propylene glycol is a natural compound with a colorless, virtually odorless profile.

PG definition in Vape industry

It is federally approved for use in food and drugs, and is a core component in many vape juice manufacturing processes in the food, tobacco and pharmaceutical industries as well as having an array of other applications.

Top Three Reasons Why Should You Choose PG e-juice.
There were many reasons choose one ideally e-juice.
Here Wellon Vape experts summary Top Three Reasons Why Should You Choose PG e-juice.
Read on and vaping on.

More popular DIY e-juice base on PG

PG is the more popular base for DIY e-juice recipes calling for mixtures other than a 50/50 blend because it is a thinner, less viscous liquid.
Therefore it is easier to handle when filling tanks and less likely to leave buildup in your vaping system over time.

PG e-juice Wicking Faster

It also absorbs into wicking structures faster, so PG-heavy DIY e-liquid flavors doesn’t need to settle into a tank quite as long before you can start vaping.
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PG e-juice Enhanced Throat Inhale

PG also has the enhanced throat hit on inhale as well as thinner clouds of vape juice made with it tend to produce, as some vapers find it just right while others prefer a different experience.
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