San Francisco Will be the First US City to Ban Ecig Sales

By June 25, 2019 News


San Francisco is on course to become the first US city to effectively ban the sale of e-cigarettes once its board of supervisors votes on Tuesday.

The board is expected to pass an ordinance that says “no person shall sell or distribute an electronic cigarette to a person in San Francisco” unless that product has undergone premarket review by the US Food and Drug Administration. To date, none have.

This includes sales in brick-and-mortar stores, as well as online sales shipped to a San Francisco address. The ordinance also applies to flavored tobacco products in addition to e-cigarettes. The measure does not ban the use of e-cigarettes among people 21 and older.

Top comments on Reddit:

Ok so nothing about that law actually makes any fxxking sense. I could possibly see if they banned tobacco altogether, but banning ecigs only is about as dumb as it gets…..

That’s the stupidest thing ever. All of a sudden they want to ban ecigs. What about cigs they are the reason ecigs exist. I bet you anything the f-in tobacco companies are behind this.

They want kids smoking cigarettes. More tax money from cigs. This has nothing to do with public health.

you know what’s bad for public health? San Francisco.

I’m surprised it’s San Fran for being such a shit city to begin with I didn’t think it could get worse.. what’s better than an insane amount of homeless? An increase of cancer patients associated with smoking cigs.

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