Smoking Included Vaping in Los Angeles

By April 8, 2019 News


The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors passed a motion on March 20, county lawmakers updated the legal definition of “smoking” to include electronic cigarettes or vaping and cannabis. So vapers in LA, please  remember that vaping is also not allowed where smoking is banned.

The ordinance will apply to County-owned facilities including the County’s approximately 5,000 buildings. The new codes require a 50-foot, instead of a 25-foot buffer, for smoking near windows and doors of County facilities, and prohibits smoking in County parking lots.

Beaches impacted by this ban include Venice State Beach and Will Rogers State Beach, which are under Los Angeles County control.

The new codes also apply to the unincorporated areas of LA County, home to 1 million people and three-quarters of the County’s land, including Marina del Rey. Vaping and cannabis will be prohibited at hospitals, libraries, museums, bus stops, outdoor dining establishments, LA County beaches and parks, and other locations.