The Advantages of Brass Mechanical Mods

By November 13, 2017 June 14th, 2022 News

As we know, UOOCE Mechanical Mods become more and more popular.
In this post, we want to discuss special Mechanical Mods, Brass Mechanical Mods.
The Advantages of Brass Mechanical Mods, Three parts will be separately discussed:
Brass Mechanical Mods’ raw material introducing, then we will discuss its Conductive and Resisting Corrosion.
Read on, Vape on!

The Advantages of Brass Mechanical Mods

The Advantages of Brass Mechanical Mods, Image source Internet.

Brass Material Typical Types Introducing

Brass comes in different grades.
The more expensive alloys contain a higher amount of copper, which translates into stronger performance.
Brass mech mods are more conductive than stainless steel ones but require more work to maintain.
Naval brass is rough 60 percent copper, admiralty brass is around 70 percent copper, and aluminum bronze is approximately 90 percent copper.

Brass Mechanical Mods are More Conductive

Brass is a metal alloy that’s made up of copper, zinc, and tin.
Whether you like the look or not, the threads still need to be cleaned, which can be frequent work.
Brass mechanical mods also named patina Mech Mod
The metal tarnishes with skin and e-liquid contact.
Some prefer the tarnished look, also known as patina.

Brass Mechanical Mods Provide Stronger Resisting Corrosion

In addition to providing stronger conductivity, the higher-quality brasses are also better at resisting corrosion.

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