The Advantages of Vape Dripper (compare with Vape Tank)

By December 18, 2017 News

First of all, Olivia introduce The Advantages of Vape Dripper aim to let more newbie learn more.
As we know Vape tank also have many features, that’s the reason why so many vape manufacturers release more tank recently years.
But, in this thread we just want to discuss The Advantages of Vape Dripper.
Here we go.
The Advantages of Vape Dripper (compare with Vape Tank)

Cheaper Coils & Wicking Material Price for Advanced Vapers

Coils & Wicking material are extremely cheap if bought in correct quantities and locations.
Compared to having to buy coils constantly, drippers don’t need premade coils.
Drippers instead use custom made coils that are handbuilt and then cotton is put through the coils for the wicking material.
Wire is cheap, 5M-10M of Kanthal is around 5-10$.
This can last you years as long as you aren’t wasteful or make crazy builds like Clapton or fused Claptons.
Cotton is also very cheap.
You can buy about 100 pieces online for around 8-9$. One piece can re-wick a dual coil build about 2-3 times. If you re-wick your coils EVERYDAY, this amount of cotton can almost last all year!

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Vape Dripping Produce Larger Cloud

Larger vapor production if built correctly.
Being able to use different types of wires, cotton, etc. These all allow for extreme customization of the type of builds you can make.
These types of customization allow for larger clouds. Drippers usually also have larger airflow.
Recently, tanks have been able to keep up with vapor production of an RDA, just depends on which one your using.

Vape Dripping Change E-juice Super Easy

Easy to change juices
Changing juice types is easier on a dripper because all you have to do is burn off the old flavor and then drip on the new flavor.
While this doesn’t allow for a complete flavor change, it is a lot better and easier then tanks.

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Vape Dripping Can Produce Stronger Flavor

Nicotine and flavor go much further, throat hit is enhanced, and flavors can taste better.
Drippers used to be, hands-down, the best way to obtain the strongest flavor profiles.
Tanks are now on similar levels of flavor production as well.
Something we can all agree on though, is that RDAs definitely produce stronger throat hit from nicotine. A 3MG on a dripper, will feel like 6MG on a tank.

Advanced Vapers like Dripping Customizable

More customizable then tanks.
What I mean by customization is the way RDAs have unlimited capabilities of the way you can build them. Once again though, Tanks have been able to compete on this as well with the introduction of rebuildable deck coils.

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