Top 4 Reasons Why you Should Choose Wellon Transformer Mod

By August 17, 2017 November 2nd, 2017 News

This is a series article about Wellon Transformer Mod, and this section is the first part.
We are going to discuss Top 4 reasons why you should choose Wellon Transformer Mod.
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#1 Zero leakage device with air flow in the middle design

Wellon Transformer Mod has it’s own design language, zero leakage design language is so unique in Vape market.
This means you can save most of your vape pen oil with it.
With air flow in the middle of wellon transformer mod, to ensure it’s best vape pen and have good performance.
Here is a simple content introduce of air flow part.
Wellon Transformer
Air Flow in the Middle Introduce

Unique symmetric air flow in the middle of double-deck glass chamber design, makes Transformer tank a 0 leakage device. It has changed the landscape of the vaping industry, taking your vaping experience to the next level.
Manually control the airflow, adjust the amount of taste and vapor created according to your own liking.

#2 No accidentally touch with the provided cover

The secondary is Wellon transformer Mod provided unique cover, to avoid any accidents.
As we know, the accidental touch is a top risk factor, just less than battery explore’s risk
So, Wellon Transformer Mod’s cover design language can give you a safety vapor pen.

#3 Specially designed coil experience the incredible flavor with huge vapor

Above two points mainly about the shape of Wellon Transformer Mod, how is inside?
In fact, we have used specially designed a coil.
This means you can get an incredible flavor with huge vapor.
Most important is that you can set you unique configure to suit your Vape habit.
By the way, we have introduced vape ghost inhale trick, Wellon transformer mod is the best vape pen for you do that.

#4 Unmatched starter kit with advanced ergonomic Box Mod design

Last but not least, Wellon Transformer Mod uses the simple design language, resulting in you can easily use at the first time.
So, Wellon Transformer Mod is the best option for your first vape device.
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Have a good time for reading.

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