Vape 101: Tank Throat Hit Not as Strong for Green Hands

By December 24, 2017 March 7th, 2019 Tutorials

Strong throat hit or gentle throat hit, which one is your choice?
For most Green hand vapors, experts recommended choosing Vape Tank to produce gentle throat hit.
Here we go, and to find out why Vape Tank can give you gentle throat hit.
Vape 101 Tank Throat Hit Not as Strong for Green Hands

What is Throat Hit?

Before we get onto how you can tweak your throat hit to suit your preferences, you need to know what throat hit actually is.

How is Strong Throat Hit Feeling?
The “throat hit” from an e-cig is the feeling it gives you on the back of the throat as you inhale.
A strong throat hit feels similar to a cigarette on the way down, quite irritating to the back of your throat and enough to make you cough if you’ve never done it before.
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How is Weak Throat Hit Feeling?
A gentle or weak throat hit is when the vapour goes down smoothly, not causing much of a sensation on your throat as you inhale.
It’s a lot less harsh to vape from setups that only give a weak throat hit.
It isn’t really comparable to the feeling you get on your throat from smoking, unless you smoked really smooth cigarettes like Silk Cuts.
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Smoother Throat Hit for Tank Vapors

The throat hit on a tank is much less than that of a dripper, sometimes.
Generally speaking, advanced vapors can easily vape a 6MG on a tank without coughing to much, depending on the flavor.
When transferring that same flavor to a dripper, it gets much harsher and takes a much longer time to get accustomed to.
This can be a pro or a con depending on who is behind the vape.
Some individuals want a stronger throat hit using less nicotine (drippers), and some people want a smoother throat hit for more nicotine (Vape tanks).
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