Vape Beginner’s Trick: Ghost Inhale

By August 16, 2017 June 14th, 2022 Tutorials

Why We Introduce Ghost Inhale Vape Pen Trick

As a vapor, you must adore other’s Vape pen tricks.
So we want more guys to know more about UOOCE Vape tricks and can enjoy your Vape pen.
Wellon e-cig expert wants to introduce how to ghost inhale step by step in this post.
It’s a beginner’s trick, named ghost inhale.

The names of Ghost Inhale

There are several names of Ghost Inhale in the Vape group.
Wellon Vape pen experts told us, that the Ghost inhale is also refers as the snap inhale or mushroom cloud.

Step by Step Introduce Vape Ghost Inhale Trick

First of all, you should know the detailed working theory of the Vape Ghost Inhale Trick.
Even it is a vape beginner’s trick, you have to know what the Vape Ghost Inhale is.
The key point is that entails the release of a ball of vapor, followed by an act of ‘snapping’ it back in.
One can do a Ghost Inhale by taking a long drag and allowing it to linger in the oral cavity for a few seconds, and after that quickly exhale the vapor in a ball shape.

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Vape Beginner's Trick: Ghost Inhale

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