Vape Tricks 101: How To Perform your Bow-Tie Split 2018 edition

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What’s Vape Bow-Tie Split?

This is advance vape trick, most beginner vapers don’t know.
So, Wellon wants to introduce Vape Bow-Tie Split look firstly.
This one looks like you’re inhaling a bow-tie of vapor!
Here is a picture source internet, show you how does Vape Bow-Tie Split look.
Vape Tricks 101: How To Perform your Bow-Tie Split 2018 edition

The Base Theory of Vaping Bow-Tie Split

A “Bow-Tie Split” is basically when you blow an “O,” then are able to split the O into two smaller O’s, sending them into different directions. But before this occurs, it forms a vapor shape resembling a bow-tie.

Easy Guideline on Perform Bow-Tie Split

Here are the keys to accomplishing Vape Bow-Tie Split trick (in addition to practice, of course).
#1 Blowing O’s
First, quickly blow a couple of O’s in a row.
You must blow an O and push it from behind with your hand, so that the O is getting larger.
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#2 Inhale top of O’s
While they didn’t flow away, inhale it back.
Then gently come up to the O, using your mouth inhaling the top of O (at the 12 o’clock position) and compressing it down to the bottom (at the 6 O’clock position).

#3 Forms a “bow-tie” Before it Splits
This helps to create the split into 2 smaller O’s.
When you manage to inhale two O’s at once, they become thin at each side, so it looks like a bow tie.
In the process of doing this, it forms a “bow-tie” before it splits. Once it comes to the bow-tie shape, it then will fold. Once it comes to a fold, the two O’s will shoot vertically.

Some Tips of Vape Bow-Tie Split practice

Vape Bow-Tie Split Tip 1:
It should not be flat and parallel to your face. To be able to give it the incline it needs, is done when you are pushing it.
The initial O should have a bit of an incline.
The angle of your O as you approach it will give you the necessary form to start the trick.

Vape Bow-Tie Split Tip 2:
You would come from behind and sort of push down towards it, to give it the proper angle you are looking for.
The position of your mouth when you are ready to inhale.
You mouth should almost be in the center of the O to where you start inhaling the top of the O first, then naturally the bottom of the O will be inhaled in the same motion. This creates the bow-tie.

Vape Bow-Tie Split Tip 3:
The way that you should be inhaling for the bow-tie split and sending the two O’s shooting vertically.
The trickster feels that the bigger you inhale the better this trick will work But, he maintains it is all about timing and momentum. And, most importantly, practice.

Here is a playlist of Vape Bow-Tie Split:

Above Vape Bow-Tie Split videos source Official VGOD.

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