Wellon Transformer Box Mod with Awesome Coil

By August 22, 2017 October 17th, 2017 News

Why discuss Wellon Transformer Coil?

We have introduced 4 features of Wellon Transformer Box Mod, and Transformer’s technical parameters.
This post we will discuss a part, named Wellon Transformer Box Mod Coil.
It’s a really Specially Designed Coil, and you can read deep to know details.
And there are some of our customers do know this awesome transformer coil.
So Olivia wants to let more and more guys know and use wellon coil.

Simple Assembly Guideline of Wellon Transformer Coil

If you have know the theory of well on transformer coil, you can easy assembly your device.
Or, please follow our steps to assembly your Wellon Transformer Coil.
Wellon Transformer Box Mod with Awesome Coil
This cylinder shaped coil is with thread on the top of coil.
You need to screw it on the connector instead of the atomizer base.
This is an extra process to make sure the device is with 0 leakage.

Wellon Coil Ensure your Transformer with High Performance

Specially Designed Coil is the biggest feature for this device.
This means you can get high performance with wellon transformer Box Mod.

Transformer will give you a stylish and durable vaping experience with it’s specially designed coil.
And it’s remarkable by it’s incredible flavor with huge vapor production and there’s no splash in the mean time.

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If you have any questions about Wellon Transformer Coil, please do not hesitate to cantact wellon Vape experts.

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