Wellon Vape Experts Suggest Vape Beginners Avoid Some Cloud Contest

By August 30, 2017 October 17th, 2017 News

Why discuss Vape Cloud Contest?

There were more and more vape beginner users try to join cloud contest.(Related Post: Why You Should Learn Some Vape Tricks?)
Some of them are young, and don’t have any knowledge about vape cloud contest.
So Wellon Vape experts want to more and more guys can know this.
Go deep to read why you should Avoid Any Vape Cloud Contest.
Wellon Vape Experts Suggest Avoid Any Cloud Contest

Is the vaporizer 100% health?

The answer is NO.
None of electronic cigarette manufacture announce they can provide 100% health Vapes.
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As a responsibility vape manufacturer, Wellon want all guys can use vape for health life, and quit smoking.

The more vapor you inhale, the more risk you’re exposing yourself to.
It’s important to stress that vaping – even heavy vaping – is still vastly safer than smoking.
If you get through a lot of e-juice every day, even PG is apotential cause for concern.
And that’s before we even consider by-products and contaminants.
So along with aiming for fewer puffs per day, reducing the amount of vapor you inhale with each puff is another way to keep vaping as safe as possible.
Wisps are safer than clouds (though admittedly less fun).

Why You Should not try to join cloud contest?

Most of the Vape cloud contest tries to inhale as much vapor as you can.
And attempt some advanced Vape tricks.(Related Post: Vape Beginner’s Trick: Ghost Inhale)
None of that changes the fact that inhaling more vapor is more risky than inhaling less vapor.
If it helps you avoid cigarettes, you should vape in whatever way works for you.
Even if you follow none of the advice in this post, vaping is still going to be much safer than smoking.

So, Wellon Vape Experts Suggest Vape Beginners Avoid Some Cloud Contest.
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