Wellon Vape Reviewer Program

By January 17, 2018WELLON E-CIGs NEWS

What’s Wellon Vape Reviewer Program

We ( WellonTech.com ) are looking for Vape reviewers ( and Vape photographers/promoters ).
Wellon will release some new Vape gears near future on the market, include but not limited Pod Vape Kit, Box Mod, Sub Ohm Tanks etc.
So, we need you guys to help us review those new items.
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In this way, we can ensure that the products we release pass at least a certain level of approval from high or expert vapers.

vape kit review program at wellontech.com

Wellon Need Your Honest Vape Opinion

We will be sending products for free from our facility to yours in exchange for your honest reviews.
No frills, no worries.
We just need your honest vape opinion about it.
Professional product reviews help all prospective customers make informed purchase decisions.
Wellon Vape Reviewer Program gives product access to professional reviewers so that all customers can learn about and dive deep into products prior to ordering them.
Any Vape suggestions or feedback are welcome.

How to Join Wellon Vape Reviewer Program

If you are interested in being considered please feel free to complete our application below form.
Thank you and feel free to contact us so we can discuss.
Or contact me directly via marketing#wellontech.com

Wellon Vape Review Team

Wellon Vape Reviewer Program Application Form

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3. Which Platform(s) will you be Sharing? ( required, Multiple Selections (Recommended) )
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4. How many (thousand) audience do you have? ( required, Unit: K )
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5. Vaping Experience Since ( required, Range: January 27, 2003 to January 27, 2018 )

6. Are You a Vape Shop Owner?
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7. Note: (eg: count, complete time, include promoting links or not.)