Wellon Vape101: How to Tight your Vape Seals?

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Vape Seals are most common reasons leads to tank leaking

We have introduced How to Fill up Your Vape Tank Correctly.
This post Olivia want to share another basic Vape issue, named Vape Seals leaky.
Wellon Vape101: How to Tight your Vape Seals?
One of the most common reasons for leaky vape tanks is also the most simple.

Why Vape Seals Resulting Leaky?

If the vape tank isn’t fastened together properly, either through cross-threading or simply not being screwed together tight enough, e-juice can leak out of the openings.
To avoid leaking, screw up various joints of tank tightly.

The common sense of Vape Seals

The main joints in an atomizer tank are where coil meets the base of your atomizer and where the base of your atomizer meets the tank.
Ensure that you screw everything properly, especially when you re-attach your atomizer head to the base.

Easy 3 steps to Tight Vape Seals Guideline

Here we go Wellon Vape101: How to Tight your Vape Seals?

#1 tight vape seals

First check to see that the threads are in sync and fastened correctly, then fasten tightly to ensure the tank is airtight. Be careful not to screw it together too tightly, since this can cause issues in itself. Find your tank’s sweet spot and stick to it.

#2 tight vape seals

If the threads are crossed, unscrew and screw it back again. If the same happens, you might have to replace the tank entirely.
Similarly, if the threads are worn away from overuse, it’s very difficult to fix and you’ll most likely have to buy a replacement tank.

#3 tight vape seals

Thankfully, most high-quality modern tanks are made of sturdy stuff and often employ top-fill systems which reduce strain on the threads.

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