What’s your view about legislation to tax e-cigarettes?

By August 23, 2017 October 17th, 2017 News

Why Wellon want to discuss tax e-cigarettes

More and more people care about health life, and talk about environment times highly than before.
Tax e-cigarettes section also relate to this big topic.
As we know, e-cigarette is best option quitting smoking, and this is wellon Vape experts first reason why we discuss tax e-cigarettes. (Others also read: Will Vaping Cause Popcorn Lung?)
Then, we have know there are very difference of e-cig policy between differing states.

Background of legislation to tax e-cigarettes

Recently wellon Vape expert have read some news about legislation to tax e-cigarettes.

legislation to tax e-cigarettes

A state lawmaker wants to put a 32 percent tax on e-cigarette products “to ensure these products do not look attractive to minors.’’

The 27-page House bill, introduced by Rep. Thomas Albert, R-Lowell, calls for a tax on the wholesale price of electronic smoking devices beginning Oct. 1, 2018. (Related Post: Find a Good E-Cigarettes Wholesale Supplier)

Under the measure, 75 percent of proceeds would be credited to the Michigan Medicaid Benefits Trust Fund and the remainder would go into the state’s general fund.

“Essentially, the purpose of my bill is to treat e-cigarette products as tobacco products,’’ Albert wrote in an email to WZZM. “We need to send a message to minors that the long-term health effects of these products are unknown.

“Nicotine is clearly addictive and we want to do our part to ensure these products do not look attractive to minors,’’ Albert wrote in the email.

Seven states and Washington, D.C. tax e-cigarettes and vape products, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. More than a dozen other states are considering legislation to tax e-cigarettes.
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Original Title: Lawmaker wants to tax e-cigarettes and vape products

What’s your view about legislation to tax e-cigarettes?

So, what is your unique view on this topic, support or not.
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