When Should You Consider Cleaning Vape Gear?

By December 14, 2017 December 16th, 2017 News

Why Should You Consider cleaning Vape?

Here we just list two reasons Why Should You Consider cleaning Vape.
The first reason is trying to differ Vape flavors, then is wanting to improve Vape performance.
That’s top two situations you should consider cleaning your vape device.
Here we go and Keep on Vaping with Wellon Transformer kit.
When Should You Consider Cleaning Vape Gear?
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Switch a Difference Vape Flavor

Simply rinsing and cleaning your vape tank is something you’ll want to do each time you change flavors, so that your new flavor isn’t compromised by the last flavor you used.
It’s best to also make it a habit of giving your vaporizer a weekly once-over and to clean your device thoroughly at least every few weeks.

Improve Your Vape Performance

Of course, any time your device isn’t giving you the performance that you want, a full-scale vaporizer cleaning with consistent vape pen care maintenance may be good first steps to improve its output.

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