Why All Vape Kits Design Removable Batteries?

By December 1, 2017 News

There were so many posts about 18650 Battery Safety and Best Practices.
But Why should those Box Mod kits design Removable Batteries and charger?
Read on and Keep on Vaping.
Mod kits design Removable Batteries and charger

The Common Sense of Vape Battery

Almost all e-cigs use lithium ion or lithium polymer batteries, because these can pack a lot of energy into a small Vape space.

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Why Vape Device Need The Batteries?
An e-cigarette’s battery provides the electricity that powers the whole thing.
Vapes drain a lot more current than most portable electronics, so they need good batteries.

The Lifecycle of Vape Battery
All smaller vapes – the ones that look like traditional cigarettes, plus the more popular pen-style models – have a built-in battery.
Most of those devices contain vape battery charger.
This means that when the battery wears out (usually after about 300 charge cycles) you have to throw the whole device away and replace it.

The Box Mod Kits Need More Power Vape Batteries

Some larger e-cigs – the devices called “mods” – also have built-in batteries.
These batteries tend to be bigger and store a lot more power, so they’ll usually outlive the rest of the device.
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Why Box Mod Kits Design Removable Batteries?
By the time the battery has been through enough cycles that it won’t hold a decent charge anymore, something else – usually one of the buttons – has worn out.
Finally, most mods use removable batteries.
These come in several sizes but almost all modern devices use the 18650 size.

Removable batteries have several advantages.
The obvious one is that if the batteries go flat, you can just change them and keep using the mod.
This lets you quickly recharge the flat ones in a standalone charger.

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