Why So Many Smokers Switching Pod Vape?

By January 25, 2018 News

As we covered in one of our other posts, Vape 101: Why Should You Learn Pod Vape Device 2018,
Pod Vape device
may the biggest trend in 2018.
There are quite a few benefits of a Pod vape device.
So, today we are going to discuss the Benefits of Pod vape device.

Why So Many Smokers Switching Pod Vape?

Most Older Generation Vape Devices are Limited Battery Life

The smoker who has tried to make the switch to electronic cigarettes have found that the older generation of electronic cigarettes does not satisfy their needs.
This can come from the limited battery life.
Low vapor production, and taste of the devices.
Limited uses of the cartridges can end up costing you more money over time.
Most advanced vapers say because the electronic cigarettes cartridges do not last that long and do not offer the user good taste.
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Most Older Generation Vape Devices Hard to Use

Best vape pen related many factors, like price, flavour, easy to use and so on.
The price for beginner electronic cigarette devices can be very affordable, but you are not getting high-quality devices, and the replacement cartridges can be hard to find, and lack good flavors.

Vape Expert Recommend Switch Pod Mods from Smoking

If you are looking to make the switch from traditional cigarettes to an electronic alternative, we highly recommend Pod vape device.
If you are a first time user, we recommend using a higher nicotine level eliquid, generally in the range of a 12mg-18mg eliquid because the vapor production will not deliver as much nicotine into your system as needed to make the switch of cigarettes.

Here are top 2 benefits of a Pod vape device, vaping on.

Pod Vape Device Design for Beginners

The Pod vape device still allows you to purchase the device at an affordable price, while allowing the user to use the eliquid of their choice.
The replacement pods for the pod vape device are very affordable and offers superior quality, vapor production, and battery life.

Pod Vape Device Produce Good Flavours

One of the main benefits is from users to make the transition from traditional cigarettes to an electronic cigarette option with elquid, and nicotine levels of your choice.

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