Wrong Inhalation Style Resulting Vape Leak

By November 7, 2017 News

This Post we want to discuss Wrong Inhalation Style Resulting Vape Leak.
Wrong Inhalation Style Resulting Vape Leak

Why Harder Inhale Resulting Vape leaking?

There’s a core difference between inhaling from a cigarette and from an e-cigarette.
Drawing harder on a cigarette gives you more smoke, but inhaling more sharply on an e-cigarette accomplishes little.
In fact, when you puff sharply on your e-cigarette, you may be pulling liquid into the coil housing faster than it can vaporize it.
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Green Hand Vapors Should Take Care Inhalation Style

If you’re still having problems with leaky tanks, particularly if you’re relatively new to vaping, your inhalation style could be the cause.

Or Using your e-cigarette too soon.
When you first start using a refillable electronic cigarette, leave the liquid to soak-in properly for a few minutes. If you take a drag too soon after filling it, you may get a burning taste from what is called a dry hit. This is not pleasant.
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Wellon Vape experts recommended Green Hand Vapors’ Inhalation Tip

Inhale Slowly and Softly, Not Firmly and Sharply.
The solution takes some getting used to, but it’s easy:
Make your puffs much longer, and don’t worry about inhaling sharply.
Vapour will come even with gentle inhalation, and you won’t flood your atomizer.

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