List of Non Chinese Mobile Brands in India

Hlo Guys, In this article we gives you a list of non Chinese Mobile Brands name. People around the globe are now favoring Non Chinese Mobile Brands. Some consumers find the non Chinese mobile brands are quite reliable. Some of the best smartphones and mobile phones are available from these Non China Mobile Brands.

The rising tensions of India and China have brought in the demand for the non Chinese brand. That said, you can get the well-known Chinese mobile brands that are booming in the present market. Integration of the global supply chains is also making them more effective.

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Best Non Chinese Mobile Brands in India


With headquarters in Cupertino, California, the electronics manufacturing brand Apple, the Non Chinese Mobile Company, is proving to be one of the best for the smartphone market. With the launch of the iPhone in 2007, it is now increasing in its size every day. The premium quality Apple iPhones are some of the best in terms of top-of-line products. You can get plenty of iPhones these days that have highly optimized software. The manufacturer of the Phones That Are Not Made In China is continually striving to integrate new technologies.

Some of the Apple Smartphones: Apple iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone SE, Apple iPhone XR, Apple iPhone 12 Pro, Apple iPhone 12 Mini, Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Non Chinese Mobile Brands

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Samsung Non Chinese Mobile Brands

One of the widely recognized Non Chinese Mobile Brands In India, Samsung, is from South Korea. The electronics company is now the joint supplier of the simply featured smartphones. You can get the Palm operating system and Windows OS-based mobile phones as well. The Galaxy smartphones are some of the most remarkable ones. The latest mobile phones, tablets, smartphones are making it one of the most advanced brands. You can get the availability of the 3G, 4G, and 5G Phones Not Made In China. It had started with its product line in 1960 and is now offering some affordable Smartphones.

Some of the Samsung Smartphones: Samsung Galaxy F41, Samsung Galaxy M42 5G, Samsung Galaxy S12, Samsung Galaxy S21, Samsung Galaxy M11, Samsung Galaxy M12.

Non Chinese Mobile Brands

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Nokia is one of the well-known Non Chinese Mobile Phone Brands that had returned to mobile and smartphone in 2016. It had started with the licensing arrangement with HMD global. Today, Nokia is one of the patent licensors for some of the most remarkable mobile phone vendors. It has its headquarters in Espoo, Finland. You can get some of the quality phones, the latest version of the android from Nokia. It is bringing in plenty of the new Best Non Chinese Phone. The latest launch is the C20 which is now getting the attention of most consumers. The latest launch of 1.4 is also expanding its market continually. Today it’s one of the best Non Chinese Phone Brands getting huge recognition due to a lot of the stylish products.

Some of the Nokia Smartphones:  Nokia 3.4, Nokia 5.4, Nokia 5, Nokia 9, Nokia 2.4, Nokia 5.3, Nokia 3.2, Nokia 6.1, Nokia 6.

Non Chinese Phone Brands

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Asus Non Chinese Mobile Brands

The Taiwanese multinational computer and phone hardware company have its headquarters in Beitou District, Taipei, Taiwan. Today it is one of the largest Non Chinese Phone Brands In India. Mobile phones, laptops, and notebooks, Association networking equipment, are some of the high-end products you can get. You can get the availability of some of the best phones like Asus ROG phone 5, Asus ROG phone 3, Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1, and similar others. The best part of these phones is that each of them has a long battery life, attractive design, and a brilliant camera. Some of the latest models also make use of the Snapdragon 636 processor and available at unbeatable prices.

Asustek Computer has also proved itself as another popular Taiwanese mobile brand. The big mobile market in India by AsusTek Computer is a great replacement for Chinese smartphones. ZenFone series of Android smartphones falls under the category of Asus 6Z. Asus products are more than just mobile phones.

Some of the Asus Smartphones : Asus ROG phone 5, Asus ROG phone 3, Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1, Asus Zenfone 3s Max, Asus Zenfone 3, Asus Zenfone 4.

Non Chinese Smartphone Brands

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Google Pixel

The American company is now one of the masters in the field of internet-related services. You can get some of the best quality phones that come with advancing technology, cloud computing as well as software. The company has its Android operating system and is one of the most popular brands of smartphones.

The United States-based company is now increasing its market presence with the launch of the Google pixel mobile. The pixel brand had its introduction in February 2013 and by now has launched smartphones.

Some of the Google Smartphones: Google Pixel, Google Nexus, Google Pixel 3A XL, Google Pixel 3 XL, Google pixel 3A, and Google pixel 3.

Non Chinese Mobile Brands

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Panasonic mobile phones are getting huge recognition from consumers. Android mobiles from Panasonic, one of the well-known Non China Phone Brands, come at unbeatable prices. The affordability you can get in some of the phones makes them the perfect ones. With its headquarters in Osaka, Japan, the brand is extending its wings to reach the markets of different nations.

Some of the latest models like the Panasonic Eluga I5, Panasonic P88, and similar others are good enough. You can also get some other phones like Eeluga Ray Max and Eluga A3 to give the long-term benefits. The leading smartphone brand is getting advancement with the utilization of the new technology. It is helping in connecting people with the launch of affordable phones. Besides, the dual SIM smartphones that come with nano-SIM technology and the good connectivity options like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS direct, 3G, 4G, 5G make them some of the best phones in the present market.

Some of the Panasonic Smartphones : Panasonic Eluga I7, Panasonic Eluga I8, Panasonic Eluga A3, Panasonic Eluga Ray 500, Panasonic Eluga Ray 700, Panasonic P101, Panasonic Eluga Z1 Pro.

Non Chinese Mobile Brands

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LG Non Chinese Mobile Brands

One of the premium Mobile Brands Other Than Chinese always involves advancements in technology while designing the products. The G series, the LG tribute series, the LG G Flex, and the LG Nexus series engage the consumers in purchasing the newly designed smartphones.

The smartphone brand based in South Korea is one of the biggest multinational electronics companies, with its headquarters in Yeouido dong, Seoul, South Korea. In this regard, LG Electronics is becoming the fourth largest industry in South Korea, has its Global sales reaching around US dollar 80 billion. 

Some of the LG Smartphones: LG G8X THINQ, LG W30, LG W30 PRO, LG W10, LG W31, LG K42, LG Wing, LG Q60, LG V30+.

Non Chinese Mobile Brands

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iBall, one of the best non Chinese mobile brands in India, found the incorporation in September 2001 by Anil Parasrampuria, started with computer mice. Then, it came up with the products in 2011. Besides, the company started with consumer electronics products that can come with 27 different product categories. In 2014, iBall came up with the launch of the Andi Uddaan smartphone.

The series was especially for women. Besides, the best part of the non Chinese mobile phone brands is getting an SOS button at the back of the phone, thus blowing the loud siren and automatically sending text messages (SMS). You can get support for the five pre-selected contacts when pressed.

In May 2015, iBall also came up with the launch of the iBall Slide i701. This is the collaboration with Intel and Microsoft. You can also get some of the latest series. In May 2016, iBall also started with a strategic partnership with Intel and Microsoft. 

Non Chinese mobile company has also come up with the launch of India’s most affordable Windows 10 Laptop. What makes these phones the best are individually Tested. You can also get high-end Customer Support from 10 am to 7 pm. with iver250+ Service Centers across India, thus making it one of the best brands in India.

Some of the iBall Phones: iball Supremo B3, iball Assan, iball Crown 2, iball aasaan 4, iball Andi A4 Class X.

Non Chinese

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The American privately owned company based in Oregon develops and manufactures some of the leading smartphones. Foxconn is the company that is manufacturing its products. The Non Chinese Mobile Company In India is recently entering into the Indian smartphone market as well. With its launch of the vision 3 Pro, it has got huge recognition.

The phone is supportive of the 5.70-inch touch screen display. Besides, it also has 720 pixels by 1440 pixels resolution to make it one of the renowned phones. The unbeatable prices available with the phones like the Infocus Vision 3, Infocus Hero 1, Infocus Power 1, Infocus Turbo 5 Plus make them the best phones in the present-day market.

Some of the Infocus Smartphones: Infocus Snap 4, Infocus Epic 1, Infocus M535, Infocus A2.

Non Chinese Mobile Brands

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Micromax Non Chinese Mobile Brands

Indian International Electronics company is presently specializing in smartphones, consumer electronics, laptops, and similar appliances. Founded in 2007 with the headquarters in Gurugram, India, Micromax India is one of the leading mobile brands. The budget-friendly phones you can get with the striking features make it one of the most recognizable Mobile Brands that are not Chinese. You can get the availability of the latest Smartphones from Micromax that is making it a reliable brand.

Some of the Micromax Smartphones : Micromax Infinity N12, Micromax Infinity N11, Bharat 5 infinity edition, Bharat 5 Pro Bharat go Canvas, Infinity Pro, and the Bharat 5 plus.

Non Chinese Mobile Brands

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Intex smartphone sets come fully loaded with features are the ones that are friendly for the pocket. You can get the availability of the phones trending in the Indian market. If you’re looking for the go-to mobile brand that can give you a huge lot of phones, it’s worth picking Intex.

The Indian smartphone consumer electronics and accessories company had its foundation in 1996. This is one of the largest mobile phone companies in India. Some of the unique phones you can get from Intex.

Some of the Intex Smartphones : Intex Aqua crystal plus, Intex Aqua power HD, Intex Aqua Lions T1 Plus, Intex Aqua Speed HD, Intex Aqua 5.5 VR Plus.

Non Chinese Mobile Brands

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Sony Non Chinese Mobile Brands

With headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, Sony Mobile Communications is one of the booming multinational telecommunications companies for Best Non Chinese Smartphone In India. The foundation of the company was on October 1st, 2001, and it is one of the biggest ventures in the field of the smartphones. Sony Ericsson mobile telecommunications was the first incorporation and had its headquarters in London, England. Later on, Sony acquired the Ericsson share in the venture in 2012.

Today Sony is one of the leading brands from which you can get plenty of phones. The quality Windows mobile operating system and Android operating system make them the best in smartphones. 

Some of the Sony Smartphones: Xperia Pro 2021, Sony Xperia Z1 Compact, Sony Xperia Z1, Sony Xperia Z.

Non Chinese Mobile Brands

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YU Televentures, one of the best non Chinese mobile brands, an Indian consumer electronics brand, was created on 18 December 2014. Previously, it was a joint venture between Cyanogen Inc and Micromax Informatics Limited. Rahul Sharma, Micromax’s, co-founder owns a 99% controlling stake in YU. On the other hand, the remaining 1% is by co-founders Vikas Jain and Sumeet Arora. Later on, the YU Sub-Brand of Micromax found discontinuation by the Brand. YU Televentures official site redirects to Micromax’s official website.

The Company got the remark on 7 June 2019. YU Televenture launched the first mobile phone, ‘YU Yureka,’ which was released in January 2015. legal rebranding of the Coolpad F2 powered by a 64-bit Snapdragon 615 SoC also presents the capability of the integrated Adreno 405 GPU. Then, one of the non china mobile brands came up with the YU Yureka and was released in July 2015. Yu Yureka Note, Note version with 6-inch display and 4000 mAh battery is one of the major products by YU Televentures. 

YU Yuphoria, YU Yutopia, YU Yunicorn, YU Yunique, YU Yureka Black are some of the best inventions. Besides, some of these phones also come with Qualcomm Snapdragon processors. YU Yunique 2, YU Yureka 2, YU Ace are some of the latest versions by YU. High-end processors, variants, RAM, ROM, and good OS make these smartphones from YU some of the best models.

Some of the Yu Phones: YU Yunique 2, YU Yureka 2, YU Ace, YU Yunique 2 Plus.

Non Chinese Mobile Brands



One of the Best Non Chinese Smartphone Brands is the market by the Canadian company Blackberry Limited. With its headquarters in Canada, Blackberry is proving to be one of the best ones for giving smartphones the latest design and manufacturing standards. Beginning in 2016, Blackberry Limited has got licensed third-party companies.

All of them work towards the designing, manufacturing, and marketing of smartphones. Today the original licensors are also incorporating this line the integrity in the products. The reduced risk makes sure that these new ideas are very inspiring. one of the largest brands in the present market is designing some of the high-end Smartphones. They come with the robustness in them. Even the picture quality is good that makes consumers demand more and more.

Some of the BlackBerry Smartphones: Blackberry Priv; Blackberry evolves, Blackberry Keyone, Blackberry key2 LE.

Non Chinese Mobile Brands

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HTC Non Chinese Mobile Brands

With its headquarters in the Zindian district, the Taiwanese consumer electronics company, new Taipei, Taiwan had started with this line of smartphones in 2004. In 2006 it also started with the launch of the HTC TY TN. today, it is one of the Top Non Chinese Mobile Brands and is increasing its support. By 2008 it had finally launched the HTC Max 4G that was the first GSM mobile phone for the support of the wi Max network. It’s taking into consideration the specialty in making smartphones.

These smartphones have their base mostly on the Windows OS. They started becoming the co-founder member of the open handset alliance. There it started with a group of the handset manufacturers Association mobile network operators. All of these members put their dedication to developing high-quality products. The brilliance in terms of the innovation and the experience design make sure these Smartphone mobiles the perfect one.

They also started involving the utilization from the palm PC to the smartphone, thus making the inspiring best-in-class designs. All such entities increased their market potential as well. Today the brand is building huge engagement among the consumers with high-quality smartphones.

Some of the HTC Smartphones:  HTC U20, HTC Desire 326 G dual SIM, HTC Desire 21 Pro,  HTC Desire 20 Pro.

Non Chinese Mobile Brands

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The Indian multinational electronics company Lava International is one of their mobile phones, smartphones, laptops, computer hardware, and other consumer electronics. One of the Non Chinese Smartphone Brands was founded on 27th March 2009 by so Hari Om Rai. Today, it is one of the leading brands competing for the other markets like Micromax mobiles, Spice mobiles, and Karbonn mobiles. Today the company is increasing with possibilities of building a brand.

The innovation and equation of the valuable products for the consumers are also better. The product testing and assemblage of the innovative standards work to produce some of the quality phones. These are not just limited to the updated hardware but also the software. That said, you can also get the availability of popular apps, especially on the Google Play Store.

Some of the Lava Smartphones : Lava Z61 Pro, Lava Z66, Lava Z6, Lava Z2, Lava Z2 Max, Lava Z60, Lava Z1.

Non Chinese Mobile Brands

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Karbonn Non Chinese Mobile Brands

The Indian smartphone manufacturing company founded in March 2009 is now the founder of smartphones, feature phones, tablets, and mobile phone accessories. The joint venture between United Telecoms Limited and the joint Marketing Private Limited makes the Non China Mobile Company the perfect brand to increase its market size. It is based in New Delhi and has its tie-ups with the leading Telecom players. Some of the major brands it has tie-up with include Vodafone, Idea, Airtel, and Jio.

The leading smartphone brand comes with numerous products under its product line. The smartphone telephone is becoming popular among the masses and also building enhanced engagement. Most of the phones from the Non Chinese Smartphone Brand come with Long battery life and good picture quality. The dual SIM support and the good network connectivity make them amazing phones in the appropriate price range.

Some of the Karbonn Smartphones : Karbonn Titanium Jumbo 2, Karbonn Aura Note 2, Karbonn frames S9.

Non Chinese Mobile Brands

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We’ve listed the names of the List of Non Chinese Mobile Brands. Non-Chinese mobile brands are gaining more recognition these days and engaging new customers. So, pick the new models from the companies mentioned above. They’ll be properly giving you a range of benefits in terms of user-friendliness and innovative support.


Celkon Mobiles, one of the leading consumer non Chinese phone brands, fuelled by passion, gives quality phones that work with technology and affordability. Elimination of the digital divide and enable connectivity between people makes this phone one of the quality brands. The rich product portfolio that comes with Smartphones, Feature phones, and Tablet PCs ensures success while portraying a deep focus on technology and innovation.

Celkon Mobiles, a leading consumer mobile handset brand, comes with a quality range of phones that can excel in the Industry. You can get the range of the features like the good operating system, processor, storage, and similar other features in the phones by one of the non Chinese smartphone brands. It excels in terms of Telecommunications, Consumer Electronics. Founded in 2009 with Headquarters Hyderabad, Telangana, India, the brand excels in terms of the range of the products that it provides.

Now get the worldwide service with the range of the products from one of the non Chinese phone brands in India. The Y Guru, the Chairman, has always been excelling with the range of the products. Some of the popular products like Mobile Phones, Smartphones, and Tablets. Ho through the for getting the idea regarding the products that are established in the present industry.

Some of the Celkon Smartphone: Celkon Diamond U, Clekon Cliq 2, Celkon C604.

non chinese mobile brands in india

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XOLO Non Chinese Mobile Brands

Xolo, one of the Indian mobile companies which are not Chinese by Lava International, has become famous for manufactured consumer products. Besides, you can also get personal electronic devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops, and accessories. You can also get a lot of power banks. In April 2012, Xolo also went on with the launch of India’s first smartphone that found use with the Intel processor. Xolo X900 also came up with numerous features to make it stand out. 

Non china mobile company proved to be the first Indian manufacturer that went with partnering AMD. Then, it started with launching a tablet, the Xolo Win tablet. With that, it also comes up with the first 4G-enabled smartphone. Then, it came up with the LT900 launch in December 2013. Liverpool FC, on 6 January 2014, announced Xolo as a regional partner in India. The first dual-camera phone in India, Xolo Black, came up with the exclusive partnership set up as the largest online marketplace. Some of the phones also come up with MediaTek processors in smartphones. Android phones in the series: Era, Black, Q, Omega, and Play also make these phones quite famous. Era series handsets also come with the affordable Black series above Rs. 10,000 can also give a quality range of benefits.

You can also get the availability of Xolo Black series phones that are not made in china, like Black and Black 1X. Xolo Q series also shows off the range of features. Some other latest models like Xolo Omega 5.0 and Omega 5.5, FC limited-edition Xolo One Liverpool smartphone, Xolo Cube 5.0, and Xolo One HD. you can also get the Windows Phone devices like Xolo Win series: Win Q900s, Win Q1000, and Win.

Some of the XOLO Smartphones: XOLO Omega 5.0, Era 3, Era 3X.

Non Chinese Mobile Company

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Videocon, non Chinese smartphone brand, came to light in the consumer market by introducing the first mobile range in 2009. Mobile range extending from basic color phones to also Android devices. Videocon, a big player in the consumer electronics market, has also gained a huge respect for TVs and refrigerators. You can also get the availability of the direct to home cable services. Some of these also come with the grade Videocon d2h.

Consumer electronics. The company also excels with the consumer products like Mobile phones, microwave ovens, washing machines, Desktops, color televisions, air conditioners, refrigerators, and many other home appliances. Besides, they come with a high-end brand strategy with the largest sales and an amazingly built service network in India. The entry of Korean Chaebols has been the reason behind the rising popularity also in the Indian market. That said, Videocon has come up in the form of the standpoint of a market leader.

No. 3 player in a smartphone in India, Videocon has developed the washing machine, mobile phone, and refrigerator segment. Videocon came up with the mobile products in November 2009. The new line of mobile phones from one of the non Chinese smartphone brands in India started ranging from basic color FM phones to some of the fantastic high-end Android devices. With the advent of February 2011, Videocon Mobile Phones came up with the concept of ‘Zero’ paise per second.

Each of these phones has also come up with bundled SIM cards of Videocon mobile services. The features also came up with the handset models. In July 2015, Mobiles also came up with the flagship smartphone Videocon Infinium Z51+. ‘Videocon Cube3 has also been the reason behind the fame.

Some of the Videocon Smartphones: Videocon Delite 21, Videocon A55HD, Videocon Metal Pro 2.

Non Chinese Mobile Brands

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JioPhone Non Chinese Mobile Brands

Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, one of the best list of non Chinese mobile brands, is operating in the form of a good enough business for Telecom Communications. It is the subsidiary of the quarter in Mumbai, Maharashtra, which has been operating now in the national LTE network with coverage across all 22 telecom circles. Voice over LTE to provide voice service on 4G network makes it quite famous.

Jio phones not made in china come in the form of the LYF smartphones. The best non Chinese phone with an IPS display has been quite fruitful. In June 2015, Jio started with an agreement with domestic handset maker Intex that started supplying 4G handsets capable of voice over LTE (VoLTE). In October 2015, it gave rise to Jio’s announcement of launching its mobile handset brand named LYF.

Series from one of the best non Chinese smartphone brands starting with Water 1, through a chain of electronic retail outlets, also makes it quite famous. Other handset models Water 2, Earth 1, and Flame 1. JioPhone feature phones by Jio found the release of the first model in August 2017 positioned as an “affordable” LTE-compatible feature phone. KaiOS platform with a top-notch display, a dual-core processor, makes it one of the best phones.

Non Chinese Mobile Brands

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Koninklijke Philips N.V., a Dutch multinational conglomerate corporation, is one of the best on the list of non Chinese mobile companies. The brand has developed a good reputation in the field of consumer electronics products. Founded in Eindhoven, Philips has got its headquarters in Amsterdam. But again, the Benelux headquarters has been still in Eindhoven. One of the largest electronics companies focuses on the area of health technology.

Besides, you can also get smartphones and other consumer durables. Headphones and speakers from Philips have also made it quite famous. The latest mobile launch has also made it quite popular. Besides, Sapphire Life V787, launched in November 2015, has gained enough fame. Some phones from Philips also come with the octa-core MediaTek processor and supportive RAM. Enough internal storage expandable via a microSD card makes the best non Chinese smartphone in India even better.

The primary rear camera shooter for selfies also enriches the images. Non-removable battery, alongside the range of the connectivity options including-Fi, including NFC, FM, GPS, Bluetooth, 3G, and 4G, makes them even better. Besides, each of these phones comes with the optimal Sensors. Such features and capabilities have made the brand stand out.

Some of the Philips Smartphones: PHILIPS W3500, PHILIPS 908.

Non Chinese Mobile Brands

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LYF, popularly known as Reliance LYF, one of the best mobile brands not Chinese, serves as an Indian smartphone manufacturer. With the headquarters in Mumbai, India, it has been into manufacturing smartphones that are optimized. Formerly known as Reliance LYF, a Smartphone Consumer electronics manufacturer manufactures high-end phones with special features.

Founded in 2015; by Mukesh Ambani with Headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, LYF has proved to be one of the high ens manufacturers of smartphones. You can have a look at and get the idea of 4G-enabled VoLTE smartphones running on Android. A subsidiary of Jio, the telecommunication arm LYF, operated with the incorporation of the company’s flagship venture, Jio.

In May 2016, LYF had the reputation of the fifth largest smartphone player and the second-largest LTE phone supplier. Set of smartphones like LYF Earth 1, LYF Water 1, and LYF Water 2LYF smartphones have been the reason behind its reputation. Chinese handset maker Intex, ZTE Corporation, and ODMs had started with the manufacture of the products from Lyf.

Some of the LYF Smartphones: LYF Water 7S, LYF F8, LYF Wind 4s, LYF Water 8.

Non Chinese Mobile Brands

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Spice Non Chinese Mobile Brands

Spice Digital Limited, the non Chinese mobile company in India, previously registered as Cellebrum Technologies, has earned a good reputation as an Indian telecommunications company headquartered in Noida, India. That said, it is the subsidiary of Spice Connect. Specialization in Mobile Value Added Services and Telco Solutions makes it one of the best names in mobile phone lines.

Digital transformation products and services have earned it enough reputation. Founded in 2000; by Founder Bhupendra Kumar Modi, Spice has got the Headquarters in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. One of the best Indian mobile phone companies has come up with a range of Android smartphones.

Affordable, high-quality devices include the latest features to make the devices handy for a student, a professional, or housewife. These phones are also fit for playing graphic-intensive games while helping you connect with your friends and family. Features like dual SIM, quality front and back cameras, processor and high-end battery makes all these phones the best one in the market.

Some of the Spice Smartphones: Spice K601, Spice V801, Spice F305.

Non Chinese Mobile Brands

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List of Best Non Chinese Mobile Brands

Non Chinese Smartphone Brands Country
Apple United States
Samsung South Korea
Nokia Finland
Asus Taiwan
Google United States
Panasonic Japan
LG South Korea
iBall India
Infocus United States
Micromax India
Intex India
Sony Japan
YU India
BlackBerry Canada
HTC Taiwan
Lava India
Karbonn India
Celkon India
XOLO India
Videocon India
jio India
Philips Netherlands
LYF India
Spice India

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