Try Hard Guides Wordle Solver Tool: All You Need To Know About

Wordle has taken the world by storm since its release in 2021. This is a simple yet addictive word-guessing game which has become a daily ritual for numerous players. However, as you get further in the journey of Wordle, the game can become a bit challenging. This is where you can use Wordle guide.

What is Wordle?

It is the daily online word puzzle game which has become a viral sensation nowadays. In these games, players get only 6 tries to guess the randomly selected five-letter word. After every guess, the letters change its color to indicate how close you have guesses to the target word. If you wish to master this game, then you need lots of patience, strategies and focus. However, if you practice daily and incorporate a few helpful tips in your griming strategy, then you can sharpen your skills and become a Wordle whiz.

Rules of try hard Wordle

There are some simple rules which you have to follow while playing Wordle

  1. You can only use real words in Wordle.
  2. The class which the game gives you is not always correct.
  3. You will get only 6 attempts to solve any type of puzzle.
  4. You must get only a word at a time, in sequence.

How you can use try hard Wordle helper tool?

The try hard guides Wordle solver tool is a very useful tool which can help you to find answers to any puzzle of Wordle. Here are the steps which you can follow to use it.

  1. First, enter the letter which you have guessed correctly in the right spot in the ‘correct letters’ section. As an example, if you have correctly guessed that the first letter is A and the second letter is E, then you should enter these letters in their respective boxes.
  2. In the misplaced letters section, you have to enter the letters which are in the puzzle but not in the right spot. As an example, if you are aware that R is in the puzzle but it is not the first or fifth spot, then enter R in this section.
  3. Now, enter the letters which are not in the puzzle at all into the section of incorrect letters. As an example, if you know that T and S are not in the game, then you have to enter T and S here.
  4. Now this amazing tool will generate the list of potential answers which are based on the letters which you have entered. You can also see that some recommended guesses which contain the most common letters are still available in the puzzle. You can easily use these guesses to uncover other letters and also to narrow down the options.
  5. If you wish to see more details regarding each word, like its definition, usage examples and synonyms, then you can click on the ‘More Details’ button located at the bottom of the tool.

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What are the tips and tricks to solve try hard Wordle puzzle?

  1. Initially, you have to think carefully regarding your starting word. A strategic starter word will definitely maximizes the information which you gain while minimizing the wasted guesses. Most of the players generally begin the game with the words like ADIEU or COAST as both the words contain common constants and vowels.
  2. It is recommended to pay attention to the colour coding after you make a guess. For example, grey letters can be easily eliminated from considerations, but if the alphabet color is yellow then possibly they are in the wrong position. You can use these kinds of clues to guess your word while playing the game.
  3. You have to look for the words having multiple uses for challenging letters. As an example, if you have begun yellow colure alphabet S, then you can try words like Goose, Phase, for guessing if it is at the beginning or at the end.
  4. Make sure to break bigger words in small chunks or suffixes/prefixes. If you want to guess a longer word like DANCCING then try thinking of it as DANCE + ING to reach to the base word first.
  5. When you are stuck or in doubt, then you should guess vowels like AUDIO, OUIJA or ADIEU, as they can help expose vowels while using just a single valuable guess.
  6. You should also pay attention to repetition. If there is a letter in yellow color, then there is a chance that it is duplicated within the targeted word.
  7. It will be better if you look for plurals and the words endings. The S,D,ED or ING can generally slip in otherwise elusive words.
  8. You can also consider common suffixes and prefixes. Beginning with OVER-, UN-, RE- and ending with –IVE, -TION, -ION can give good clues.
  9. Make sure not to miss word rhymes and families. The yellow LIGHTcan signal words like MIGHT, FRIGHT, LIGHT etc.
  10. You should also use what you are already aware of, i.e. placement and word length. If you have ‘_R_E_’ with R as the third letter, then DROVE can be the best match than CRAVE.
  11. Do not forget to pay attention to parts of speech and grammar. Verbs which are ending in plural nouns or S with ‘ES’ are generally common in the answers of Wordle.
  12. You can simply leverage the hard mode for more info. If you turn on hard mode, then it will give you more clues for every guess.
  13. You should avoid repetitive words whenever possible. It is because they generally waste valuable slots unless confirmed green/yellow.
  14. You can try throwing a random heavy-vowel word when you are stuck to reset your thinking.
  15. Never forget that Y- a sometimes vowel can break or make a word.
  16. You can also consider a common expression and some sayings along with standalone words.
  17. You can learn common words of Wordle i.e. TRAIN, CRANE and GLORY so that you do not waste good guesses.
  18. Make sure to pay attention to letter overall frequency, not just in your guesses. Example – ETAOIN is a very common word in English.
  19. If every strategy fails, you can use external resources carefully.

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