Is Necessary Purging Your Vape Kit?

By December 6, 2017 October 18th, 2018 News

In one Vape101 Group, some guys discuss Correctly Purging Vape Kit.
Similar questions like:
Why some people blow into their tanks while firing?
Why do people blow out on their RDA before they inhale?
You will find those questions answer after you read this article.

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Is Necessary Purging Your Vape Kit?
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Purging Vape To Skip Coil Ramp-up Time

Some folks purge as a way to work past their coil ramp-up time and get the “best” part of the hit when the coil is already nice and warm.
To skip the ramp up, and avoid the spit some coils have when fired from cold.
Some vapers do sub-ohm a bit because of their like the heated vapour, rather than the initial cold stuff that lacks any flavour.
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Purging Vape Kit: More useful for Mech Mod

Clearing out your lungs for more vapour and to offset the ramp-up from bigger coils.
The half a second you blow into it heats up the coil enough that you get a good hit when you inhale, and as someone else said, it helps if you flooded any as well.
More useful for Mech’s as most regulated devices now have preheated functions to allow you to avoid this.
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Correctly Purging Your Vape Kit

Purging also helps if you’ve recently refilled a tank and flooded the coil a bit in the process.
It also helps in the mornings when your cotton has sat out all night and you can purge to not have that harsh hit.
For flooded stock coils, you can blow into the drip tip without firing to push out excess juice from the cotton surrounding the coil.
Pushing out condensation from your airflows for cleaning/wipedown as well.
NOTE: Parts content above source those guys discuss.
If you have any question about Purging Vape Kit, please do not hesitate to ask Wellon Vape Expert.

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