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Over the years, marketers and creators have flocked to YouTube to use video content to sell products, create a community, and share their journey with the world. Doing so, the YT creator studio has also become an essential tool that enables channel owners to manage their content correctly, analyze their performance, and monetize their videos.

What is YouTube Creator Studio?

YT Creator Studio is where you can easily manage your YouTube channels and content from a single central location. The YT creator studio is mandatory for creators and marketers who want to know how their YT content is performing well, make changes to their existing content, organize their videos in the playlist, customize the challan, respond to comments, and endure the overall success of their content and channel. Media owners can also use this valuable space to begin monetizing their content.

Essentially, the YT creator studio is the space that can only be accessed by the channel owner to manage the channel and its content.

How can you access YT Creator Studio?

On desktop

  1. First open
  2. Then click on your name/icon present in the top right corner of the screen (Make sure you are logged in).
  3. Now select the option ‘YT studio.’
  4. Navigate using the tabs on the left screen.

Access YT Creator Studio on the phone

  1. Initially open
  2. Now click on your name icon, which is located on the top right corner of your device screen. Make sure you are logged in.
  3. Now, you have to select ‘YouTube Studio.’
  4. After this, navigate using the tabs which are located on the left side of the screen.

All about the YouTube dashboard

The YT Studio dashboard is the initial area you will see when you log in to the YT Creator Studio. From here, you will get the summary of multiple vital data points, which also include the performance of your most recently published video, your present number of subscribers, your views, your top-performing videos, your current number of subscribers, and the watch time from the last month, your most recent subscribers, your latest commons along with some updates from YouTube itself on what’s new in YT Creator Studio.

From the dashboard, you can easily navigate to various areas of YT Creator Studio using the left-hand menu. Here are some of these options

  1. Content

The content area is the location where your YT video content lives. From within this area, you can easily optimize your content, view the analytics for individual videos, edit video information (categories, add tags, thumbnails, descriptions, title), change your videos’ privacy settings, and make edits to your YR videos. You can also monetize a special video from here.

The playlist is also present in this area, letting you create a new playlist, edit it, and organize it. As playlists permit you to group related content, they are best for encouraging viewers to watch more. They also help keep visitors on your channel as the following view of the plat list will auto-play from here only.

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  1. Analytics

The analytics area will allow you to check out the variety of data, which will help you better understand your niche audience and the performance of your content.

Like the YouTube studio dashboard, the overview tab within the area will provide you a rundown of your views for the performance of your very recent video, your top videos, your watch time, and the month.

The content tab in this area will offer you more insight into how viewers find the content, average view duration, click-through rate, impressions, and views.

You will also get an insight into the critical moments for audience retention within the videos on your YT channel. Remember to use the tabs located at the top for selecting your content type (live or shots, video, or to view your performance). You have to type all for the overview of content performance across every content type.

By selecting the audience tab in this area, you can easily view the data regarding your new viewers, subscribers, returning viewers, watch time for your subscribers, and their location/gender/age.

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