Best Indian Smartphone Brands

A highlight on the popular Indian Smartphone Brands

Due to the several conflicts between China and India, Indian electronics consumer products-based companies had taken the strategy to develop the best smartphones. Each of these phones from the well-known Indian Smartphone brands come with the range of features to make them equal or more in terms of capabilities that some Chinese sets or phone from around the globe. The Indian mobile phone market is thriving, and some domestic players are showing intense competition for market dominance.

The fastest-growing Indian Phone Company markets in the world prove to be amazing with the range of features. The Indian mobile brands in India come with phones that have a range of functionalities. In this article, you will learn about the Indian Mobile Company List 2020 and the significant portion of these brands in the Indian market.

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Best Indian Smartphone brands in 2021

Micromax Informatics

Micromax has proved to be one of the most eminent companies in manufacturing mobile sets in India. The foundation of Micromax was in 2000, and by 2010 Micromax had become one of the largest domestic companies for making headsets at a low cost. Plenty of the electronics devices like LED TV, smart TV, AC and Washing machines were already famous from Micromax. Today Micromax Informatics has proved to be one of the best Indian companies that manufacture smartphones with a range of functionalities.

Headquartered in Gurgaon, India, it is established as an IT software company operating in the embedded devices domain. Indian Mobile Company later started with the development of the mobile handset business. Micromax Informatics Limited is one is the 10th largest mobile phone player globally, thus showing its capabilities as one of the topmost brands.

Indian Smartphone Brand

Lava International

Lava mobiles are one of the most famous companies in India for the development of mobiles. With its foundation in 2009, Lava mobiles have proved to be one of the best Indian multinational electronics companies. One of the best Made In India Mobile Phones manufactures smartphones, computer hardware, laptops, and other consumer electronics. With its headquarters in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India, it has become one of the developers of mobile phones.

It also has its Overseas operations in Thailand, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Mexico, Pakistan, the Middle East, and Russia. The company’s head office started with its operations in Africa while launching the products in Egypt in 2016. Lava ivory, Lava aura are some of the phones from Lava International.

Indian Smartphone Brand

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Celkon was one of the eminent mobile phone manufacturing companies in India based in Hyderabad. It manufactures dual sim smartphones, feature phones as well as tablets. With its foundation on 26th October 2009, the brand came up with its passion for technology and affordability. Some of the smartphones that came with the latest range of functionalities made it one of the best developers of the handsets in India. The Celkon mobiles proved to be a great choice because of the budget-friendly systems with seamless performance.

Besides, the performance with the multitask also made the brand get huge acknowledgment on behalf of the buyers. Initially, the mobile set, as well as the tablet species, were quite famous. Then Indian Smartphone brand came with the Assembly line with 200000 mobile phones; it gained enough fame. The brand also has set up units in Tirupati and Hyderabad.

Indian Phone Brand

Iball India Smartphone Brand

Iball is an Indian electronics manufacturing services company that has its headquarters in Mumbai. It also imports smartphones, computer peripherals as well as labels from original equipment manufacturers. With its Foundation on 24th September 2001 iball has proved to be one of the eminent companies selling consumer products. Besides, you can get the availability of the 27 different product categories with its quality smartphones. With the range of functionalities, especially for women Anti Uddaan, it has gained enough Fame.

With Made In India Smartphone, the SOS button is available right at the back of the phone that sounds the loud siren and automatically sends the text messages to the five preselected contacts. In May 2015, iball also came with the iball Slide 1701, collaboration with Microsoft and Intel. Another milestone in the history of iball was in 2016 where iball, the strategic partnership with Intel and Microsoft, had claimed to launch their favorite affordable Windows 10 laptop. Iball compbook is available at low prices.

Indian Smartphone Brand

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Intex Technologies

Intex Technologies, the Indian multinational electronics manufacturing services company, has introduced many consumer electronics and Smartphones. Besides, there are also other accessories. With its foundation in 1996 and headquarters in New Delhi, Intex Technologies is one of the best companies with its mobile phones. One of the Top Mobile Brands In India that was established in 1996 in New Delhi by Narendra Bansal, has gained enough recognition.

In 2012 the IT product company Intex Technologies also expanded in the form of the consumer durables portfolio. It has plenty of the LED TV today. The LED TV also has seen a growth of around 150%, and currently, the company has a vivid share in the LED TVs and washing machines.

Indian Mobile Brand

Karbonn Mobiles

Karbonn Mobiles has been well known in the form of the India smartphone manufacturing company with its foundation in March 2009. One of the top Indian Mobile Brands has become the vendor of feature phones, tablets, smartphones, and mobile phone accessories. Best Mobile Company In India is the joint venture between United telekinesis Limited, a Bangalore-based company, and Jaina Marketing Private Limited, with its headquarters in New Delhi. Karbonn mobile has also tied up with the leading Telecom players like Vodafone, Idea, Airtel, and Jio.

Karbonn is now presenting its phones in the countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, the Middle East, and Europe. In October 2012, Karbonn had announced the launch of the brand extension Karbonn Smart. The range also comes with the Smart Tab and Smartphones based on the Android operating system. In February 2014, Microsoft announced that Karbonn, the Indian Phone brand, is the hardware partner of the Windows phone operating system. 

Indian Smartphone Brand

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HCL Technologies

HCL Technologies has proved to be one of the best multinational information technology services and consulting companies, with its headquarters in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Additionally, HCL Technologies set up in the form of the research and development division of HCL. The company has its office in 50 countries, including United States, United Kingdom, France, and Germany.

There are different Indian Mobile Name sectors across which it operates in the same way. With its foundation on 11 August, 1976 HCL Technologies has proved to be one of the best manufacturers of mobile phones. In March 2021, Technologies HCL expanded its partnership with Google Cloud. Indian Mobile Company Name could help in bringing digital experience with Unica marketing cloud-native platforms to the Google Cloud.

Indian Smartphone Brand

Jio Indian Mobile Brand

Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, the Indian telecommunications company, is a subsidiary of Jio platforms. With headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, and with its national LTE network, the company has gained vast recognition. With the coverage across 22 Telecom circles, Indian Mobile is proving to be one of the best services for voice-over LTE support. The smartphones from jio work in an agreement with the domestic handset maker Intex for supplying the 4G handset.

It is capable of supporting voice-over LTE. Again in October 2015, jio had announced that it would be launching the on-mobile handset brand LYF. The line of the future phones marketed by jio proves to be one of the best contributions from jio. The first model from the Made In India Phone brand had its introduction in August 2017 and proved to be an affordable LTE compatible unit.

Indian Smartphone Company

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LYF Indian Smartphone Brand

LYF is a brand of Indian smartphones, consumer electronics, and laptops. Jio, with its headquarters in Mumbai, India, had founded this brand. It operates along with the parent company’s flagship venture. Jio, according to the counterpoint research in May 2016, proves to be one of the best smartphone players in India. It supports the LTE phone and brings to the market a plethora of voice-over LTE systems.

The fifth-largest Smartphone producer in the Indian market started with capturing the 7% share in the January March quarter of 2015-16. Indian Mobile Phone Company started with climbing to become one of India’s top 5 smartphone brands with a huge shipment volume.

Indian Smartphone Company

Onida Electronics

Indian multinational electronics and Home appliances company is based in Mumbai. It became one of the best companies to develop the first color CRT televisions and smart TVs. With its foundation in 1981, India Mobile Company has proved to be one of the eminent consumer electronics products.

The owner of phones has proved to be the popular phone from Onida, and it has built its reputation in the form of the leading manufacturers of Indian mobile phones. The company has now entered into the competitive growing mobile phone sector. With the range of budget products and the latest mobile launch like i4g1, Indian Smartphone Company shows the brand’s capability.

Indian Smartphone Brand

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Spice Digital

Spice Digital Limited, the Indian telecommunications company, had its headquarters in Noida, India. This is a subsidiary of Spice connect. The company specializes in mobile value-added services. Besides technological solutions, enterprise solutions, GST Suvidha provider, financial technology that you can get from Spice digital makes it one of the top contenders in the Indian smartphone market. Spice digital limited has proved to be one of the most eminent companies.

From one of the top Indian Phone Brands, you can get the range of the wide number of Android Smartphones and feature phones in India from spice. For example, the Spice M 1300 Android smartphone is available in India at a very low price. The integrated mobility offerings make it one of the top names in the industry.

Indian Smartphone Brand

Videocon Indian Smartphone Brand

Videocon Industries Limited, an Indian multinational conglomerate, has its headquarters in Mumbai. It has 17 manufacturing sites in an India-based company. Besides, it also has its branch in Mainland China, Italy, Poland, and Mexico. The third-largest picture tube manufacturer in the world has various brands under the portfolio. The band consists mainly of manufacturing marketing and distribution of consumer electronics products alongside Oil gas extraction. Videocon started with its first mobile range in 2009, and by now, the company also extends from the basic color phones to Android devices.

The big India Phone Company in the consumer electronics market with the company making products like refrigerators, TVs, and others has gained much fame. It has been giving the right services to the consumers. Some of the top phones from videocon include Videocon graphite 1, Videocon cube 3, Videocon Ultra 50, and similar others.

Indian Smartphone Brand

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Xolo Indian Smartphone Brand

Xolo, the Indian mobile handset brand by Lava international, manufactures plenty of personal electronics devices. Tablets, smart, phones, laptops, and accessories alongside the power banks have been quite famous. With its foundation in 2012, the brand from Lava mobiles is now the leading player in the domestic smartphone market. You can get the tenure of the 10k mobile phones in the brand that lets you buy mobile phones online with the fresh design approach.

Besides, the range of the functionalities also makes these phones stand out. The essential tools of banking expense reimbursement and everything else in one place make it one of the famous companies. The Best Mobile Under 10000 In India is affordable and available to all are well known for their user-friendliness, affordability, and brilliant approach.

Indian Smartphone Brand

YU Televentures

The Indian Consumer Electronics brand had its creation on 18th December 2014. This is a joint venture between Micromax Informatics Limited and Cyanogen Inc. The first mobile from the company was YU Eureka. Later it took to the legal rebranding of Coolpad, and the power behind it was a 64-bit Snapdragon 615 processor. Besides the 2GB, DDR3 RAM made it a powerful set.

The launch with the operating system 12 based on the Android lollipop 5.0.2 allows users to customize the phone. Ace, in August 2018, came with the 5.45-inch touch screen display alongside the resolution of 720 pixels by 1440 pixels. The latest phones in the phones from India Company Mobile brand alongside the functionalities, make sure that each of these systems can handle multitasking abilities and do not degrade in terms of performance.

Indian Smartphone Brand

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Mphone Indian Smartphone Brand

Mphone, the electronics, and technologies company is a corporation that supplies consumer electronics products. The Indian-based company by Kerala-based entrepreneurs turns out to be the best brand that has lots of the latest Korean Technology. The attractive part is that even though the technology is meeting with the established brands in the market. The new generation phones that you can get from the company prove to be the best. You can get the availability of the Android 6.0 phones with the inbuilt storage that you can expand with the help of the micro SD card.

Some of the quality phones from this brand come with good quality processes, device storage space, and battery capacity. Besides, the range of the connectivity options for Indian Origin Mobile Company makes them favorable. The affordable phones from this brand have been the mark of recognition among plenty of Indians.

indian smartphone brand

The above-mentioned Made In India Mobile Company List is proving to be the market contenders in India. Besides, these are the reliable brands that have marked immense reputation over the years. So, pick these handsets from the different Indian brands and enjoy the functionalities.

List of Indian smartphone brands Name in 2021

Indian Smartphone Brands Country
Micromax Informatics India
Lava International India
Celkon India
Iball India
Intex Technologies India
Karbonn Mobiles India
HCL Technologies India
Jio India
LYF India
Onida Electronics India
Spice Digital India
Videocon India
Xolo India
YU Televentures India
mPhone India

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