Top Mobile Brands in India

Plenty of mobile companies around the globe are competing in the development of the best phones with high-end features. Numerous brands are giving competition to each other in terms of their quality, specifications, features, and everything else. Though some Mobile Brands are very famous yet some others are driving the technical specifications with upgrades to make them stand out over the others.

Have you been curious about learning about the reason behind the fame of such phones? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll get the highlight of some of the amazing smartphone brands around the globe that are standing out in terms of their mobile phones.

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Best Mobile Brands in 2021


Samsung group is the famous South Korean multinational conglomerate with its headquarters in Samsung Town, Seoul. Besides, the World No 1 Smartphone Brand 2021 also comprises numerous affiliated businesses, most of which are under the Samsung brand. So it is one of the largest South Korean electronics manufacturing companies. According to 2021 estimates, Samsung has secured the eighth highest Global brand value.

Founded on 1st March 1938 at Daegu, South Korea, it has its headquarters in Suwon, South Korea. Samsung has proved to be the Pioneer in bringing the latest Android smartphones in the market. Besides, the features, functionalities, specifications, processors make these phones stand out.

Top Mobile Brands in India 2021

You can also get quality phones in terms of the benefits, pricing, design, components, performance, availability, and capabilities. The high-end phones from one of the Top 10 Smartphone Brands in the World 2021, Samsung include Samsung Galaxy M11, Samsung Galaxy M31, and numerous other phones.


Apple, the American multinational technology company, specializes in consumer electronics online services and computer software. This is the world’s largest technology company in terms of revenue. With its Foundation on April 1st, 1976, at Cupertino, CA, the most famous brand specializes in terms of consumer electronics.

The remarkable part of one of the Top 10 Mobile Brands In India 2021 is that you can get the Apple iPhone that had its release on June 29, 2007. by now, it has brought in various phones to the smartphone industry with the stunning range. Besides, each of them is packed with an incredible range of specifications and features, operating with the iOS software. Each of these phones is a classy phone compared to many other counterparts.

Top Mobile Brands in India 2021

Mobile from the No 1 Smartphone Brand In World, including iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 7 and 7 plus, proves some of the company’s best phones. Apple’s online services also include iTunes Store, Mac App Store, Apple Music, iCloud, and several other such services.

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Vivo Mobile Brands

Vivo Communication Technology Corporation Limited is a Chinese technology Best Phone Brand with its headquarters in Dongguan, Guangdong. over the years, it has proved to be the Pioneer in the development of smartphone software, smartphone accessories, and online services. The company also develops a software phone that it distributes with the help of the app store. The iManager included in them makes this phone even better. You can get the Android-based operating system that makes both the independent company for the development of its products.

The foundation of Vivo was in 2009, and since then, it has proved to be one of the best smartphone makers with the achievement of the Global market share of 2.7 %. Over the years, he has also expanded its span to over 100 countries around the world. some of the international expansion began in 2014 when the company also entered the Thailand Market. by 2017, Vivo also entered the smartphone market in Russia, Taiwan, Shri Lanka, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, and Nepal.

Top Mobile Brands in India 2021

Highlight on the phones from Vivo says that each of these phones comes with a range of specifications that make them stand out. You can get the latest phones from Vivo, like the launch of Y70T that had its launch on 2nd June 2021. it comes with a good quality touch screen and that IT Solutions thus making the phone stand out. Besides, there are numerous other phones from Vivo that are gaining high potential in the market.


Guangdong Oppo mobile telecommunications Corporation Limited is one of the Top 10 Smartphone Brands In The World 2021. Chinese consumer electronics and mobile communications companies is famous. Oppo has its headquarters in Dongguan Guangdong.

Besides, it has a major product line, including smartphones, smart services, audio devices, Blu-ray players, and other electronics products. The Oppo phones come with a range of specifications that make them stand out. Some of the topmost models from Oppo include Oppo Reno 5 Pro, Reno 4 Pro, Oppo F19 Pro Plus, and Oppo F19 Pro. the major product lines are proving to be a remarkable market at the international level.

Top Mobile Brands in India 2021

It also conducts the sales online oppo digital designs and markets audio and video equipment that comes inclusive of the personal audio products and the blu-ray disc players. The headphone amplifier makes this brand stand out.

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Xiaomi Mobile Brands

Xiaomi Corporation that has got its registered name in Asia as the Xiaomi INC, is one of the most popular companies for its smartphone. Chinese multinational electronics company had its foundation in April 2010. Besides its headquarters are in Beijing, it makes Smart Phones, laptops, mobile phones, other appliances, bags, shoes, consumer electronics, and other products.

There are some of the phones from Xiaomi, including MI 11 lite, 5G MI 11 lite, MI 11 Ultra, Redmi K40 and numerous such phones. What makes Xiaomi one of the best Smartphone manufacturers is that it has higher-end phones without compromising the component quality and performance. When compared to other premium products, Xiaomi, thr Top Mobile Brands In India has been better. Besides, its profit is mainly by selling phone-related peripheral devices, apps, smart homes. Over the years, Xiaomi has been producing many products.

Top Mobile Brands in India

Besides, it has been observing the Rapid success with the differentiation of itself within the Android Universe. Some of the quality specifications in the smartphones Xiaomi is making it the market leader. The latest launch of the mobile Redmi Note 10T on 28 June 2021. It has proved to be a major success. The company is now developing some of the best phones for increasing market capability.


One of the top Phone Brands manufacturer with its headquarters in Shenzhen, China, has proved to be one of the best companies. It had its Foundation on May 4th, 2018. now the company is increasing with its range of the products. Realme is a Smartphone manufacturer with the Realme 1, Realme 2 series, Realme 3 series, and so on.

What makes the smartphones of best from Realme is that they come with a range of specifications quality designs for young people. The joyful life with Realme has been better. It has been the 4th largest Smartphone brand in India since its market developed in 2019.

Top Mobile Brands in India

some of the latest phones from Realme have proved to be a huge success in India. The Realme phones use the AI algorithm and the optical lens to make sure about giving you the photography level to the next level.

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HTC Mobile Brands

All Mobile Company, HTC Corporation, the Taiwanese consumer electronics company, had its headquarters in the Indian district of new Newpei City. It had a foundation in 1997. besides, it started with the original design manufacturing and original equipment manufacturing. Designing and manufacturing laptop computers proved to be one of its many specializations.

The foundation of HTC Technology proved to be a great success. Moreover, it also came up with the first phone on the market for running on Android. The initial success was as the smartphone vendor, and so it was about that of competition from Apple.

Top Mobile Brands in India

Samsung Electronics also give the competition to this company partnered with Valve. HTC Technology proved to be one of the top toughest contenders for designing and researching Talent as well as non-exclusive rights for smartphone-related intellectual property. Some of the recent lines of the phone from HTC that are getting huge success include HTC Exodus, HTC U12 Plus, HTC U20, and similar others.

Google Pixel

The American multinational technology company has been specializing in internet-related services and products. The Best Smartphone Brand comes inclusive of online advertising, Technologies, Cloud Computing, search engine Software, and Hardware. One of the big four internet stocks alongside Facebook, Amazon, and Apple, Google is proving to be one of the best companies for the range of consumer-grade products that it specializes with.

The foundation of the company was on September 4th, 1998. with its headquarters in Menlo Park, CA, the company’s Rapid growth since the incorporation of the products like a search engine, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides. Such entities have been the reason behind Google’s potential. Now it is proving to be one of the most used web-based search engines. Google has also come up with the 5G mobiles devices on Google Play. The new Google store gives you numerous products to try out.

Top Mobile Brands

Some top-notch Google phones include pixel 3A XL, pixel 3A, pixel 3 xl, Pixel 3, Pixel XL, and similar phones. What makes this sound better is that you can get the 5G capability. Besides the connectivity options like Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, USB, and numerous others and making these phones stand out.

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Oneplus technology

Oneplus technology is a Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer that has its headquarters in Shenzhen. Over the years, the Best Smartphone Brand In India has proved to be one of the most eminent companies in the development of the smartphone. With its foundation in December 2013, It is currently proven to be one of the major relatives-owned companies by Oppo. Besides, it also shares the market potential which Realme, Vivo, and IQOO. Oneplus has proved to be one of the major shareholder electronics today.

Oneplus the Android Smartphone manufacturers are proving to be the best with their phones in terms of performance, quality, and price. Besides, it also has the other devices by the leading Smartphone manufacturers. It is also building the developer-friendly unit and come with a wide variety of ROM and custom kernel from the community. It has caught one of the biggest markets in the international field.

Top Mobile Brands

Some of the latest phones that are Top Notch from Oneplus include Oneplus 7T, Oneplus 8, new Oneplus 8T, and similar others. You can pick any of these smartphones from Oneplus. Besides, the Oneplus not version is also proven to be one of the most amazing phones. It has got many affiliate partners, and so they are getting the commission from the qualifying sales.

Lava International

The Indian multinational electronics company has been the top and manufacturer of smartphones, computer hardware, and laptop. Besides, it has also been specializing in consumer electronics. Its foundation in 2009 as a telecommunication venture Lava International has its headquarters in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. With Overseas business in Thailand, Vietnam, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and several other countries, the market is becoming powerful. Over the years, it has expanded its branches in Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Newzealand, United States, United Kingdom, and several other countries.

It has been working with its mission of establishing the mobile phone design center in India and several other manufacturing facilities. Besides, the in-house research and development team of one of the Best Phone Brands also keeps on bringing in the latest changes with the product design and development. Over the years, Lava proved to be one of the best companies for the announcement of the first smartphone in India.

Top Mobile Brands

The company has started with its first launch of the smartphone running on the Windows phone operating system. Lava had also launched the 4G connect. The first 4 G-enabled feature phones in India by Lava proved to be a huge success. Besides, it has also come up with the versions like Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4, Z5, Z6, and numerous others. Lava phones are quite popular in India.

They come with a range of features and the latest technologies to make them stand out. You can get the availability of the 4G mobiles with the Android Operating System, giving you the full advantage. The varied range of prices makes this phone stand out in terms of technology.

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Huawei Technologies

Huawei Technologies Corporation Limited has proved to be one of the best Chinese multinational technology companies. With headquarters in Shenzhen Guangdong, it has been into designing, developing, and assessing the telecommunications equipment and consumer-grade electronics, also making it stand out. The initial focus of the Best Phone Company was on the manufacturing of the phone. Later on, it had its expansion to the business, including the building of the telecommunications networks.

It started with providing operational and Consulting Services and equipment to the Enterprises inside as well as outside China. In 2012, Huawei Technologies proved to be one of the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturers in the world.

Mobile Brands

Besides, it could also smartly tackle the competition from Apple in 2018 to become the second largest manufacturer of smartphones. By July 2020, the company got competition from Apple and Samsung for becoming the top smartphone brand for the first time. Besides, it also started with the development of new technologies and combating cybersecurity concerns.

With the development of the 5G wireless network, the company has proved to be one of the largest Chinese telecommunications companies with a range of quality products. There are numerous products and services from the company that is making it a leader in terms of Global Services,  software code networks, and network energy solutions. The phones from the brand are also proving to be remarkable. Some of the topmost phones include Y9S, Y9 Prime, and numerous others.

LG Corporation

LG Corporation was formerly referred to as lucky Gold Star from 1983 to 1985. This is a South Korean multinational Conglomerate Corporation that had its Foundation on 5th January 1947. Besides, the management is by successive generations of the family. The fourth-largest company for electronics products in South Korea has its headquarters in the LG Twin Towers building in Yeouido dong district South Korea.

Over the years, the Smartphone Brand has proved to be a pioneer in the manufacturing of electronics, chemicals, and telecommunications products. While also operating the subsidiaries like LG Electronics, LG Display, LG Chem, and LG energy solution, it has proved to be one of the best companies. Highlight on the LG Electronics products comes inclusive of the Home Theatre Systems, televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, computer monitors, solar module, wearable devices, smart appliances as well as smartphones.

Mobile Brands

LG phones have been a Pioneer in the designing of the latest phones that come with the combination of functionality and design aesthetics. You can get the availability of a wide range of mobile phones that will be suitable for you. What makes them even better is that each of these phones is well known for its durability standards. You can get the advanced stylish models from LG that stand out in terms of their design.

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Micromax Informatics

Micromax Informatics, the Indian multinational electronics company, has been specializing in smartphones, laptops Consumer Electronics as well as home appliances. It had its foundation in March 2012. The headquarters is in Gurugram Haryana. Its establishment was in March 2010, the form of an IT software company that has been operating in the embedded devices.

It started with the mobile handset business in 2008, and by 2010 it became one of the largest companies for making low-cost feature phones in India. By 2014 Micromax, one of the Top Mobile Companies proved to be the tenth largest smartphone vendor in the world. In the subsequent years, the company has also faced competition from the Chinese companies that started penetrating the Indian market.

Mobile Brands

However, Micromax proves to be one of the best companies with its establishment of the embedded devices domain. There is plenty of the product like the tablet computer market that came with the funbook series. There are also Canvas silver 5, Canvas Amaze 2, and numerous others that are making Micromax one of the leading platforms.

As a company, the manufacturers of the mobile phones make sure that you can get the availability of the affordable price range phones that will be manufactured as per the specifications, features, including the 4G connectivity, dual sim control, latest android operating system phones for the gaming, music and more than that.

Nokia Mobile Brands

Nokia Corporation is a multinational telecommunications company from Finland that has been a Pioneer in the form of informational technology and consumer electronics. Company with its foundation in 1865, Nokia has got its headquarters in Finland is the greatest company in the manufacturing of the Nokia phones.

It is one of the largest companies in the world that is having fixed the place of 85th in 2009. it also has the component of the euro Stoxx 15 stock market index. Nokia has proved to be one of the highest selling brands, followed by Samsung in terms of its products. Microsoft had also given the competition to Nokia.

Phone Brands

The multinational World Best Mobile Company is now increasing its potential with the large number of mobile phones that you can get from the company. There are some good quality phones like the Nokia 6.1 Plus, Nokia 8.1, Nokia 105 and similar other phones. All of these sets are good enough in terms of their design aspects as well as the features.

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Infinix mobile.

Hong Kong-based smartphone company Infinix mobile had a foundation in 2013 and is one of the largest companies in terms of the decision development center. That said, Infinix mobile has amazing phone designs. With a headquarters in hong kong, Infinix mobile introduces mobiles with good features.

Infinix mobile, founded in 2013 by Sagem wireless and transition holdings, has strong research and development centers. Manufacturing hubs are in France, Bangladesh, China, India, Korea, hong kong,  and Pakistan.

Phone Brands

There are numerous other countries as well. Android-based mobiles had arrived in the smartphone market in 2013. Low-budget phones with high-end specifications and features stand out. You can get good phones like Infinix note 4 and the Infinix hot 4 pros. In some of the phones of the Best Mobile Brand, you can also get the 1080p low-light video mode. Mediatek helio processors also make these phones the best.


Motorola is an American multinational telecommunications company that is based in Illinois, united states. One of the Best Mobile Phone Brands has been one of the leading companies in the manufacturing of mobile phone companies. Later on, found expansion to the independent public companies, Motorola Mobility and Motorola Solutions. On January 4, 2011, Motorola proved to be one of the direct successes for Motorola.

There are good quality phones from Motorola that turn out in terms of the specifications. The producer Motorola inc had come up with plenty of phones in the market. All of them be wildly successful, and it sold around 50 million units by July 2006.

Phone Brands

Over the years, it has also become more famous for selling around 130 million units and became the best-selling clamshell phone in the market. There are other electronics and cell phone grades that you will be getting from the company.

What makes the Motorola products specifically good is that all of them come with high-end specifications. First of all, Motorola solutions manufactured two-way radios and public radio systems. All of these come out to be a software package for the command centers. Apart from the radio, the brand also started with the manufacturing of body cameras and emergency sensors with the help of future com systems.

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Honor Mobile Brands

Honor smartphone brand by Shenzhen zhixin new information technology Corporation Limited was formerly owned by Huawei Technologies. Today it provides smartphone handsets that will be targeting young customers. But it also released tablet computers as well as wearable technology.

With its foundation in 2013 with headquarters in Shenzhen, China, the company is proving to be one of the largest manufacturers of smartphones and is selling them constantly. What makes these phones high end is that it comes with a dual-brand strategy. Phones are loaded with the range of the specifications.

Best Mobile Company

You can get the availability of smartphones, tablets, laptops with tables accessories, and more than that. Each of these systems comes with a good quality chipset and also multiple ranges of uses.

Some of the good quality phones include Honor 9 Lite, Honor 8 Pro. other popular phones include Honor 4x, Honor 6 +, Honor 8 Lite, and other 4G phones that you can consider. It has come up with a significant boost in the manufacturing standards, thus making the brand stands out in terms of the phones that it manufactures.

Asus Tek

Asus Tek Computer, the Taiwanese multinational computer and phone hardware and electronics company, has its headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan. The product comes inclusive of the Netbook, laptop, desktop, computers, mobile phones, networking equipment, monitors, Wi-Fi routers, motherboards, graphic cards, optical storage, and more than that; the company also comes with original equipment manufacturer standards.

This is the world’s fifth-largest PC vendor by sales, according to the January 2021 estimates. Besides, the brand value is around $1.3 billion. The primary listings on the stock exchange under the ticket code 2357 show how eminent it has become in terms of its line of products.

Best Mobile Company

The good quality systems come with high-end specifications that make them stand out. You can get some of the good qualities of smartphones with Android.

You can also get the availability of the zenfone series. The zenfone line itself used to come with the feature phones and the smartphones running on the Windows mobile with the large range of the phones and the good quality specifications. Besides the brilliant camera attractive battery life, designs make these phones speak a lot.

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Karbonn mobiles

Karbonn mobiles in India, the smartphone manufacturing company, had its foundation in March 2009. the winner of the feature phone, smartphones, mobile phone accessories, and updates makes Karbonn mobile phones the top brand. the joint venture between United telecoms Limited which is the Bengaluru-based firm, and Jaina marketing private limited.

It is proving to be one of the high-end brands with headquarters in New Delhi. Karbonn mobiles have also been with the tie-ups. With the leading Telecom market size, it also has links with Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, and Jio. It has been operating in the country Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, as well as the Middle East and Europe.

Best Mobile Company

The investment in the Indian consumer market was over US $5 million in the year 2011. Then it started with the semiconductor companies for the handsets in the Indian market. Over the years, it has also come up with 85000 retailers and over 1000 service centers.

The Karbonn Mobiles also generated around 4000 INR crore within 2013. Today it is one of the largest manufacturers of mobile phones that range from touch screen phones, smartphones, Android phones, dual SIM phones. These features also feature Bluetooth, GSM, camera, GPS, FM radio, and more than that. There is some mobile like the Karbonn Titanium Octane, Karbonn Titanium X, Karbonn Titanium S6.

Lenovo Mobile Brands

Lenovo Group Limited, which is referred to as Lenovo, is a Chinese multinational technology company. With its incorporation in Hong Kong, it has got its Global headquarters in Beijing, China, and has its operational headquarters in North Carolina. It has an operational center in Singapore.

The company has been involved in designing, developing, manufacturing, and selling personal computers, tablet computers, workstations, smartphone services, supercomputer storage devices, and similar other products. It also has got its operations in 60 countries and has been selling the product around 150 countries.

With a foundation in Beijing, Lenovo got his incorporation in Hong Kong in 1988. Besides, it was acquired the personal computer business in 2005 and started with agreeing to the server business in 2014. Lenovo had entered the smartphone market in 2012, and by 2014, it proved to be the largest winner of smartphones in Mainland China.

Best Mobile Company

By 2014, Lenovo also acquired Motorola Mobility from Google and then started with the affiliated corporation’s index. The Lenovo phones come with high and specifications. You can get some of the good quality phones like Lenovo S930, Lenovo k8 plus, and numerous other phones. The remarkable part is that each of these phones comes with a range of specifications to make them stand out over many other competitive smartphone brands in the world.

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Each of the brands we have mentioned above is standing out in terms of the smartphone markets. Besides, the phones also have the specifications to make them stand out.

List of top mobile brands in India

top mobile brands in India Country
Samsung South Korea
Apple United State
Vivo China
Oppo  China
Xiaomi China
Realme China
HTC Taiwan
Google United States
Oneplus China
Lava India
Huawei China
LG South Korea
Micromax India
Nokia Finland
infinix Hong Kong
Motorola United States
Honor China
Asus Taiwan
Karbonn India
Lenovo Hong kong

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