Best Chinese Phone Brands

Mobile devices are evolving every day and not going away. The importance of smartphones in our lives is neverending. In this regard, it’s worth checking out some brands from China that have gained fame over the years for the smartphones that these brands develop. Here you will get the highlight on the best Chinese phone brands. Manufacturers of high-quality phones from China ensure that these phones will last long with the range of features.

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Best Chinese Phone Brands in 2021


The OnePlus technology is a China mobile company consumer electronics manufacturer. With its headquarters in Shenzhen Guangdong province, OnePlus has proved to be one of the best companies in manufacturing mobile phones. Currently, it is owned by Oppo and is the only shareholder the subsidiary of BBK electronics. Alongside Realme, Vivo, OnePlus turns out to be one of the smartest companies to develop Chinese phones. The wholly-owned subsidiary of Oppo had stated that Oppo electronics and not Oppo mobile is the major initiator of the OnePlus today.

It is proving to be one of the leading manufacturers of mobile phones with good quality phones like the OnePlus Nord series. OnePlus has also come up with popular phones like OnePlus One, OnePlus 2, OnePlus X, OnePlus 3, OnePlus 4, OnePlus 5, OnePlus 6, OnePlus 7, and the OnePlus 8. Cellphones for people who want phones but cannot afford expensive phones can choose the OnePlus phones. You can get depth sensor effects better with these phones.

Chinese Phone Brands

Xiaomi Chinese Phone Brands

Xiaomi Corporation also registered as Xiaomi Inc, is one of the major Chinese multinational electronics companies. With its foundation in April 2010 and its headquarters in Beijing Xiaomi, the Chinese mobile company is producing some high-end smartphones, laptops, appliances, Consumer Electronics, and other products. Xiaomi is the fourth company globally, right after Apple, Samsung, and Huawei, to develop the mobile system on chip capabilities. The Xiaomi smartphones are trending in most countries, and there are many latest phones.

You can get the availability of the Xiaomi MI China brand phones like the Redmi Note 8 Pro, the Xiaomi MI Note 10, and numerous others that show its capability to develop the consumer-grade product. Focused on India, the world’s second-largest smartphone market, Xiaomi announced on 2 May 2018 to launch Mi Music and Mi Video to offer “value-added internet services.” Besides, on 22 March 2017, Xiaomi took to set up a second manufacturing unit in India. It did so in partnership with contract manufacturer Foxconn. In March 2020, Xiaomi took to showcasing a new 40W wireless charging solution, with the ability to charge a 4,000mah battery in 40 minutes.

Chinese Phone Brands

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Oppo is a mobile telecommunications Corporation that has been doing its business in a Chinese consumer electronics and mobile communications company. With its headquarters in Dongguan, Guangdong, Oppo, the All Chinese mobile company produces some of the Latest smartphones, smart devices, Power Banks, and many other electronic devices. Some of the latest phones from Oppo include Oppo Reno 4, Oppo Reno 3 Pro, Oppo Find X2, and numerous others.

The Oppo phones have a range of functionalities with good quality processes for ensuring that these phones stand out in terms of their immense strength of capabilities. The start of the popularity was with the 2019 World Championship. It gave rise to the OPPO as the exclusive global smartphone partner for League of Legends esports. The expectations are that through 2024, Oppo will have a year-round activations center. China made mobile phones brand will be doing so with Mid-Season Invitational, the All-Star Event, and the World Championship.

Chinese Phone Brands

Realme Chinese Phone Brands

Realme, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer with its headquarters in Shenzen, China, had the Foundation on May 4th, 2018. The mobile phones from Realme turn out to be best with the range of the functionalities in them. One of the top China mobile brands, Realme, produces quality phones with a good quality processing system. Realme has been the fourth-largest smartphone brand in India since 2019. Besides, it is the competitor of Xiaomi, Samsung, and Vivo. Realme wholesale records in India, including the first 64 MP smartphone, are amazing. Some of the good-quality smartphones from Realme include Realme 8 Pro, Realme Narzo 20, Realme Narzo 30A, Realme 8, and numerous others.

What’s the specialty of these phones is that they come with a range of capabilities that make them stand out in the form of high-end phones. On November 22, 2018, Realme set the milestone by becoming the No. 1 emerging brand in the Indian market. The sales of Realme devices in India have increased the sales of its parent company Oppo. The fourth-largest smartphone brand in India, Realme, is the tough competitor of Xiaomi, Samsung, and Vivo. The fastest-charging smartphone and India’s first 5G smartphone is from Realme, thus making it one of the best brands.

Chinese Phone Brands


Vivo Communication Technology Corporation Limited is a Chinese technology company that falls under China mobile company list. With headquarters in Dongguan, Guangdong, Vivo electronics is producing quality smartphones. Besides, you can also get the availability of smartphone accessories, online services, and software. The company has been a leading producer of mobile phones.

Its origin in Mainland China and India has proved to be the independent company that develops its product. All such smartphones are based on the Android Operating System. The fun touch operating system is at the global level. Origin OS is there in the phones that makes them the best in Mainland China and India. Such specifications turn out to be some of the quality benefits of owning these phones.

Chinese Phone Brands

Coolpad Chinese Phone Brands

Coolpad Group Limited, one of the Chinese Mobile Brands with its headquarters in Shenzhen Guangdong, manufactures high-end phones. The leading smartphone company in China and the largest Chinese one of the largest series cells outside of China has acquired huge importance remarkably in terms of its designs. With Foundation on 29th April 1993, Coolpad has proved to be one of the many smartphone brands with a range of quality smartphones.

In 2003, China Wireless had started with the first Chinese CDMA1X-based smartphone, which also came up with the color display and handwriting input. Later on, the company had started with the dual SIM-slot phone. In 2012, Coolpad proved to be one of the major brands that the Chinese started getting access to in the domestic market. Besides, it also gave the top competition to Lenovo, Huawei and ZTE. China Wireless took to renaming it as the Coolpad Group Limited at the end of 2013.

Chinese Mobile Brands


Gfive International Limited is a Chinese consumer electronics product company that has been hugely popular with its headquarters in Shenzhen Guangdong and registered in Hong Kong. The company had its foundation in 2003. Chinese Smartphone Brands specialize in terms of mobile phone smartphones. You can get some of the quality phones from the brand, and it has a flagship phone Gfive President.

Some good-quality phones also come with a high-end processor, RAM ROM capability, good quality cameras, and numerous other features. G’five current flagship phones come with phones that have Quad-Core processors. Besides, these units also come with high-end front-facing cameras. Other smartphones you can get include are President G12, G9, A97, President G6, G10, A5, and A1.

Chinese Smartphone Brands

Haier Chinese Phone Brands

Haier group Corporation refers to Chinese Multinational home appliances and electronics company with headquarters in Qingdao Shandong. It is one of the leading producers of consumer-grade electronics products under the List Of Chinese Mobile Companies.

One of the largest developers of mobile phones has become the Global brand with its latest advance of technology. It has come up with the line of smartphones that stand out in terms of technological strength. Some of the quality phones include Haier CG 550, Haier L55, and numerous others.

Chinese Mobile Phone Brands


Honor, the Made In China Mobile brand owned by Shenzhen Zhixin new information technology Corporation Limited is one of the leading manufacturers of the smartphone. The smartphone manufacturer is part of the former owner of Huawei consumer business groups.

It provides smartphone handsets that will be targeted towards young customers. But, it also has come up with the tablet, computers, and wearable technology. With its foundation in 2013 and its headquarters in Shenzhen, China, it is one of the leading manufacturers of smartphones. Some quality phones include Honor 97, Honor 9A, Honor 9C, and numerous other smartphones.

Chinese Phone Brands

Huawei Chinese Phone Brands

Huawei Technologies refers to the Chinese multinational Technology with its headquarters in Shenzhen Guangdong. Over the years, All China Mobile Company has been involved in designing, developing, and selling telecommunications equipment and consumer electronics. With its Foundation on 15 September 1987 and headquarters in Shenzhen, China, it has proved to be one of the leading manufacturers of smartphones. It is completely focused on manufacturing phone switches.

Besides, it expanded the business for including the building of the telecommunications networks like operational and Consulting Services. You can get a smartphone-like Huawei P9 which is a high-end smartphone. Moreover, there are many other phones from Huawei, like Huawei P8. What makes these phones better is that they come with the Android operating system and the good quality processor camera with the artificial intelligence system packed in them to make them stand out.

Chinese Phone Brands


All Chinese Mobile phone Brands, Gionee, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer based in Shenzhen Guangdong, had its foundation in 2002. Over the years, it has proved to be one of the largest phone manufacturers. It had expanded its market in the countries like Taiwan, India, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Myanmar, Vietnam, Nepal, Thailand, the Philippines, and Algeria. Over the years, it has proved itself as one of the largest manufacturers of smartphones.

You can get a wide range of mobile phones, including feature phones, Smartphones, and Tablets phones like the Gionee P7. Gionee A1 has proved to be one of the best options in the international market because they come with impressive performance, battery, processors, and good quality cameras.

Chinese Mobile Brands

iQOO Chinese Phone Brands

All Chinese Phone Brands, IQOO is one of the best organizations that represent the motto more power, more innovation, and more performance. The brand is pushing the limits of Technology turns out to be the market trending solution. In this regard, the company has been the best Chinese Smartphone and manufacturer. The foundation on 13th January 2019 has proved to be the subsidiary of the smartphone manufacturer. Now it has been independently operating from Vivo. The important smartphone manufacturer ensures the stability of the power-packed performance that turns out to be the potential segment.

You can get the availability of the models like IQOO3, which is a debut device and has proven itself to an excellent performance. Cool design and the crazy charging speed-based phone proved to be the best. The latest smartphones come with a good quality chipset, browsing capabilities, and processors well as a battery. Overall the high-end experience that the users get with these phones turns out to be the best.

Chinese Smartphone Brands

TCL Corporation

TCL Technology, one of the best china brands, has proved to be a Chinese multinational electronics company. Its headquarters in Huizhou Guangdong province has proved to be in the state-owned Enterprise that develops, designs, and manufactures mobile phones.

Besides, it has been in the consumer electronics product industry for a long time. Some of the latest products from the brand include smartphones with high-end technologies in them. The Chinese company has been designing mobile phones with good quality processors, battery capability for making them stand out.

Chinese Phone Brands

Tecno Mobile

Tecno mobile, one of the best Chinese phone brands, is a Chinese mobile phone manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China is an amazing company that has been manufacturing the best smartphones. Since 2006 it has been the subsidiary of Transsion Holdings. Over the years, the brand has proved itself the best in terms of the good quality phones like Tecno Camon 15 Air, Tecno Camon 15, Tecno Camon 15 Premiere, and similar other phones the Android Operating System.

All these devices come with a range of specifications that make them stand out. Besides, they are also best in terms of the IPS, in-display LED Flashlight, and the good quality processors and battery. With its foundation in 2006, it has been running for 15 years in one of the largest manufacturers of Smartphones from China.

Chinese Phone Brands

Zopo Mobile Chinese Phone Brands

Zopo mobile, the best Chinese mobile company, referred to as Shenzhen Zopo Communications equipment limited company Facebook to become one of the smartest market contenders in mobile manufacturing. With its headquarters in Shenzhen, China, it had its foundation in 2012. over the years, it has been proven to be the best in research and development.

The production and marketing of intelligent mobile solutions have also proved to be the best. The mobile phones from the company are standing out in terms of their capabilities. You can get phones like ZP 200 model ZP 998 and similar other phones.

Chinese Mobile Company

We’ve listed the best Chinese phone brands. Each of them has developed its reputation over the years with the kind of functionalities and specifications. China has developed its smartphone manufacturing industry and is proving to be one of the toughest contenders in the manufacturing of smartphones.

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